Dog shows us just how great home grown tomatoes taste

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Just remember if you have a tomato plant in your yard, the green parts of the plant (unripe tomatoes, leaves and stems) contain dangerous levels of solamine for canine consumption. So make sure your snoof snoof limits themselves to the ripe ones, if any.


Yeah… but they also eat cat turds and their own vomit.

Back to tomatoes… had a caprese dressed burger last weekend, plenty of balsamic reduction and bib lettuce. The end of tomato season is always kind of a bummer, but it is also the beginning of Stout season!!


No worries, dogs aren’t stupid. They eat tomatoes because they like the taste and can recognize perfectly well which one is good (ripe) and which one is disgusting (green). Pup usually attempts to bite into an unripe one only once and that will certainly not hurt them. I have also never seen a dog attempt to eat the tomato stems or leaves (unlike grass which they eat regularly).

My parents had two dogs, a dachshund mix and a golden retriever, and both were keen on tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, apples, carrots, even potatoes were fun because that weird “rock” could have been played with and then shredded. The dachshund has even learned to crack walnuts with her teeth and over winter managed to eat a large bag of them. Only a pile of shells remained.

Neither of the dogs has ever been sick because of this - they always knew to eat only the ripe fruit. The only problem was that if the dog got in the garden before you and you hoped to find some ripe strawberries for yourself - you were screwed! They didn’t like to share!


Really cute but there’s no way I’m wasting a single sweet, eye-rolling good, home grown mater on my dog. Plenty of other high value human food treats available.


Oh no worries, they won’t ask you, lol. If the dog likes veggies (not all do) and has access to the garden, they are perfectly able to help themselves.


Not in my garden :slight_smile:


my wife’s uncle had a German Shepard that once ate a 20 pack of white castle cheeseburgers. When they came back, there was just a pile of diced onions on the front seat of the pickup truck.


It’s all about the glutamate.

Had an Irish Wolfhound who thought that the big green balls growing on those plants were for playing catch with. The first one she tried was okay, she picked it, tossed it around the yard, and chased it until it went over the fence. The second one, she grabbed a bit too hard and broke the skin - and then staggered around the yard making retching noises and sticking her tongue out trying to get rid of the taste.


Tomatoes fresh from the garden, yummy!


I used to have a cat that would eat tomatoes(I did not feed her tomatoes she jumped up and nibbled them out of a fruit bowl).


I remember my uncle feeding his German Shepard green apples when I was a kid (actually he was playing fetch, and then started tossing apples from a tree instead of the tennis ball-- the dog would fetch them but then chomp them up). . . doggy diarrhea is pretty horrific.


Yeah, gotta agree w/ the dog’s taste in food on this one.


This sounds like a season I should put on my calendar and celebrate as often as possible! :beers:


Part of me hoped to see the dog spit the tomato out after one bite. That’s what all the squirrels do. :cry:


You left a dog alone alone with a sack of white castle?

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It’s im-paw-tant to remember your daily dose of vitamin C!


not me :). if i remember correctly thought, he was “Poisoned trained”, which means he wouldn’t eat anything without be directed to. Unfortunately the siren call of those steamy sliders was apparently too much to ignore for him though. I don’t fault him for what he did, i’d have done the same and as someone who’s been eating keto for 6ish months, i’m not sure I could resist if I were locked in a pickup truck with a bag full of those sweaty burgs