Dog enjoys tomato

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I used to have a dog that would do that with cherry tomatoes. We had to build an elevated garden.


My mum’s dog has a auto-eject function for tomatoes.

He greedily gobbles down leftovers and cherry tomatoes or wedges of regular tomato just sort of pop out the side of his mouth.

I don’t know how he does it exactly. It’s not like the gobbling procedure is interrupted and he spits them out. No, they just get ejected out, whole and unharmed.


When I was young, my family had an Irish wolfhound and an Irish setter (right around the time of those McDonalds’ shamrock shake commercials with the wolfhound and setter in them), and our vegetable gardens were terraced so the they were up high, and supposedly out of reach of the dogs stomping all
over them.

Then the wolfhound noticed those big green balls hanging from one of the plants - she loved balls, she had a bunch of tennis balls the same size that she liked to play with our other dog with. So naturally, she just reached up and picked one to toss to our other dog. And it went SQUISH in her mouth, because really, it was an unripe tomato, and she squeezed it kind of hard.

Then she spent about five minutes making wretching noises and trying to get the bits of tomato out of her mouth with her paw.


Raspberries. Had a (delightful) Norwegian Elkhound who would rest in the shade of a raspberry bush and methodically, with remarkable dexterity, deplete the entire bush. …more ‘bear’ than dog


Dad told us he had a boyhood dog that would root carrots in the victory garden and crunch 'em up. It was green olives for our Irish setters, for the salt I guess, and they would make the oddest faces then. And fallen acorns, which they would crack with their side teeth and work the seed out – it’s bitter, but they seemed to like it.


Our current dog likes tomatoes fine.
One past dog would pick them (blackberries too)
from the vine.


I can do that with broccoli, and as well when I’ve had too much fun with the alcohols. It’s a survival mechanism, I think.


I feel like there should be video of said ejections… that sounds adorkable…


Watching any cute animal eating a tomato brings a different sort of video to mind…


every hound dog I’ve had does that with peas…they’ll go at their food in dog feeding frenzy mode, then the their face will emerge from a dog dish spotlessly clean save 10-15 highly polished peas


My Niece’s border collie did this; used his lips to gently remove them so as not to bruise them prematurely (i.e. before chomping) . He’d even grab them from bushes protruding through back fences when on walks. Dogs love found food (definition of food often problematic )


My mother had a dog who would pick and eat her own sweet corn. She would choose one perfectly ripe ear, pluck it carefully from the stalk, pull the husks back, and nibble the kernels off, leaving a perfectly clean cob.


I saw this on an episode of The Mandalorian.

My old dog loved tomatoes but wouldn’t pick them. He’d instead wait for us to pick them, then knock the bucket over and eat any of the ones that hit the ground. He would pick apples and strawberries though. Dogs have weird rules.

My current (tiny) dog won’t eat vegetables. When I first got her I started using carrots as treats because all my previous dogs like them and she needed a little low calorie fiber in her diet. No way, she took it gingerly then spit it out. The closet thing to a vegetable she will touch are french fries. She will pick up and carry french fries around, hide them in her bed, but not eat them. She absolutely will tear trash bags open and pull tacos and cheese burgers out. Sort of the city dog version of picking fruit from the garden.


Roger That. As a child, carrots were disappearing from my family garden. Finally caught sight of our dog hop over the low garden fence, find a carrot to her liking, dig around it until a bit of the root was exposed, delicately bite into that top of the root, pull it up, then hop back over the fence to go enjoy it in the yard.


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