Dog goes bonkers when food bin is opened, manages to contain herself adorably

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What is the purpose of that little post thing in the middle of dog bowl?

I think the bowl is a puppy bowl that lets multiple puppies get around it when you still have the litter feeding together. If the bowl was the same size, but without the post, the puppies would have to put their feet in the bowl to reach the food in the centre (which makes a mess). Basically, the post keeps the food to the edge. Less useful for Xeni’s dog, but no real issue, either.

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Better: Centipede Feeding Time:

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Some dogs feed so hard they bash their teeth into the bottom of the bowl. Not good for the canines, so that slows them down some.

Some dogs eat too fast. This can create several adverse issues, including bloat.

One is they swallow gulps instead of chewing the kibble designed to help scrape plaque/tartar off their teeth and keep their breath smelling puppyfresh™.

Another is some kibble has sufficient binders/fillers that it expands when exposed to liquids in the stomach. I had a pooch that ate so much so fast that he’d vacuum the bowl then vom up great spongey messes.

There are lots of tips to help your pal eat slower, special bowls, pre-soaking the kibble, putting a softball in the middle to force smaller gulps, etc.



I have one of these for my yellow lab:

It’s to slow down his eating. As other commenters mentioned, the especially gluttonous breeds, like labs and beagles, will eat so fast and chew so little that they’ll barf up pretty much the whole meal as soon as they lick the bowl clean.

I know barfing doesn’t bother my guy, but it’s bad for his esophagus and teeth, so I use a bowl that’s designed to make him work for his food, and slow him down. I also add water and pumpkin to the kibble. The water is to keep the food from expanding in his stomach by pre-hydrating it. The pumpkin is a remedy for his farts. It seems to help, but I can’t tell if the effect is real or confirmation bias. In anycase, I’d just as soon not feed him pumpkin because the smell of his farts doesn’t bother me.


Very cool. They’re almost look like larger vertebrate predators. Sorta like a mix between a constrictor and a lion.

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Apparently, I’m rather behind on pet feeding technology.


More like, dogs are behind on feeding technique

Is ‘Centipede Feeding Time’ some sort of euphemism for ‘Nightmare Priesthood of the Chthonic Flesh Sacrifice’?


“Nightmare”? Naw, they’re cuddly! Look at all those arms. Sooooo many arms… Embracing… Forever… Then it punctures your spine and sucks the goo out.


I should video my dog, who thinks his water dispenser dish is the spawn of Satan. He gets so offended when it bubbles up and it doesn’t even make that “glug” noise. It took us most of a week to convince him it was safe to drink out of and wouldn’t kill him.


Dogs have four legs and fangs and are cute. Centipedes have dozens of legs and fangs. Ergo, centipedes are cuter. Dawwwwwww!


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