Dog has been stopped too many times by hard air to accept treat from owner


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He’s lost his trust.


This is basically how Cujo started.

Edit: what’s up with the kerning? Or is it my device?
Edited edit: kerning looks okay now.


poor doggo! He gets fed those nasty bacon-bits shaped dog “treats”.


Go get some real treats for this good dog.


Awww… poor thing, he’s so cute!


When he bites you, don’t come crying to me.


It looks very much like his person has been tormenting him.


Dog needs carbide tips for his/her nails. That should fix that pesky invisible barrier.




My dog needed some tape on the window to help her out.


Dog is just annoyed with owner’s idiotic vertical video format. Not interested in treat. Simply trying to swat the damn phone out of the owner’s hand.


Owner’s an asshole.


That’s taunting.
Doggie deserves someone nicer.


This might not be the result of the dog’s owner attempting to trick the dog into running into that door.

The route to my backyard is dining room, sliding glass door, sun room, conventional door.

I don’t always close the sliding door, nor do I always leave it open. It cuts down on temperature change, and reduces chance of bug intrusions if I close the door. Sometimes one my dogs hasn’t made it that far in the morning and letting him finish the trip at his own speed is a good reason to leave the door open.

Sometimes one of the dogs thinks that door is open on the way from the backyard to the kitchen (where breakfast/dinner is served). Thud, I know it isn’t funny (even that one time one of my dogs was sure the door couldn’t be open twice in a row, so Thud!, briefest of pauses, and Thud!), and I do offer my condolences. Then I try to be more consistent about keeping the door in the same state…until I forget.

Normally for a few days after hitting the glass they wait for me to go through the door first.


How about squirrel sticker motifs on the glass (rather than the glass-testing dog?) Some neighbors had lights in the lawn, then decided to put outlines of rabbits out. It encouraged wild ones to gather in the day and the dog to uh, chase inert steel cutouts at night, then prefer squirrels.

So, who wants a kitchen scraps press that turns out pretend marbled stinkbugs as primer outdoors at times when stinkbugs are to be got? Oxalic acid forming plates, cardboard skelly, counterbalance made outta whatever so it’s nbd?

…and that’s how our bay’s traditional art glass was made! (OCD Puppy Hall; Coming to BBC11 this fall, if the spring one fails.)


Post Traumatic Glass Disorder.


Yeah…the place is rented, so I need to find some final decals, but that is a good idea.


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