Dog screams like man being tortured instead of barking


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See prototype 2.


Weird. 'Cause I bark when being tortured…


Fezzik, do you hear that? That is the sound of ultimate suffering. My heart made that sound when Count Rugen killed my father. The Man in Black makes it now.


I still like listening to him better than Kanye.


In dog’ese he is saying “fuck you”.


Cody = a one-dog duck army


Plainly the dog is possessed by a spirit with the voice of Sam Kinison. (RIP Sam.)


I call bullshit, that’s clearly the voice of a goat.


This dog(?) has been my ringtone for the last year.


The dog is channeling the late Sam Kinison.


The video is one minute and four seconds too long.


First thing I thought of was Miller’s Crossing.


Cody’s middle name is Wilhelm.


Nearly every day I see a dog video on the internet that makes me jealous of people with dogs and wish that I could have one in my apartment but once in a while a video like this comes along…


OMG, that scream-howl totally bugged out my new German shepherd. She looked out the window, whined and then HOWLED mournfully. I had to rub her head for a while to get her to calm down.

AAHHH! I got a video of Ivory bugging out:

Skip to 30 seconds in.

It’s awful. I previewed the video, and now Ivory is looking out the window for the poor distressed dog.


In a bow-wow to Satan…



Sure hope they don’t live in an apartment…


Goats are even worse.