Dogeden: partially buried doghouse for maximally comfortable pups


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In areas where high ground water isn’t a problem, you could dig the hole like 8 inches deeper and 4 inches wider on all sides, drill a few 1/4 inch drain holes in the bottom of the doghouse, then fill the bottom of the hole with 8 inches of drainage rock, set the doghouse in place and fill halfway up with more rock and then the rest with soil.

As long as your soil isn’t all clay, this should allow any water due to condensation or rain to escape through the drain holes.

If you were on a bit of a slope, you could get really fancy with it and run a drainage pipe out of the bottom of the hole to fresh air. Then, even if you did have ground water issues, it would just run out of the drainage pipe.


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And when it fills up with water in a heavy rain? Snow drifts in? Or needs to be cleaned?

The insulated “igloo” houses are just fine for dogs - the think it’s a den dug into the side of a cliff.




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