Puphaus creates stylish mid-century modern inspired doghouse


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I wonder how well the “fart house” will sell in German-language markets.


Bau Wau Haus


“Bow Haus” was just waiting to happen


That doesn’t look like a good shelter.


Yowch! I looked at the cost and yelped just like when they step on my tail. The raw materials can be had for about a tenth of the price. Of course, operating the saw will be hard without opposable thumbs…




Yeah, it looks like a bit of shade where the climate is warm and dry, but profoundly insufficient shelter for cold and wet.


This is a nice accessory for folks with modernist taste. If it’s inadequate shelter, the dog can just go in the real house.

My underlying theory is that any family willing to shell out for this dog house is not a family that has outside-only dogs.



My dogs already have a house, it’s my house.
They already have a bed, it’s my bed… and the sofa… plus no less than four dog beds…

So maybe I am the type who’d buy this. They don’t have an outdoor bed yet, although they seem to really like the grass or digging a hole in the dirt under the big bush in the back when it’s hot.


I sent them an email asking if there’s some sort of conversion possible when cold weather sets in. I got no reply.


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