High-tech on-demand climate-controlled dog houses exist

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/11/11/high-tech-on-demand-climate-co.html

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Well, I suppose it’s better than tying your dog’s leash to a street sign.

Have not seen any of these around Breuckelen.

What happens during a power outage on a 90 degree day?


Yep, I see the ones in Park Slope when I’m up there, among other places around BK. Just another hallmark of #lifeinthe21st.

For that matter, are these doghouses just as insecure as most other internet of things devices? How hard would it be for a dog hater to hack the doghouse and turn up the heat high enough to kill your dog while you were enjoying a movie?


They’re lovely.

Beats leaving your pupper in a car or tied up on the sidewalk where folks have to worry about a dog they don’t know or some guy who hates dogs can harm them.

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Their FAQ says it has an 8-hour battery backup. If I were designing it, I would have just used an electromagnetic lock, but I guess that would mean the doggo gets to wander off when the power goes out!


My dog deserves one of these in our living room! Where did you say they were sitting unattended? j/k but for realz, while the online stuff is stupid, I love the idea of a climate controlled dog house.

Maybe my next project?


See? Climate controlled. If climate change was real, we could just fix it with this box! Libtards.


Heh, another Neal Stephenson predicted product. When do we get the Rat-Things™ though?


They look too small for some of the dogs shown.

Yeah that was my one concern. I’d hope for immediate alert if that happened and maybe even unlock the door if it got to hot. I’d rather have a lost dog than a dead one. I remember several years ago reading about a K-9 that died because the patrol car died with the dog locked in it. Though more likely I wouldn’t take my dog out knowing it couldn’t be with me the whole time.

Eh - I think that is rather unlikely. Possible - but unlikely. Same for people just stealing the dog.

So have a screened window covered by a panel that’s held on by an electromagnet. Power fails, panel falls open, air gets in, dog stays put.

One question I have that wasn’t answered in the FAQ was what happens if the dog needs to answer the call of nature while in the house. The UVC sanitation light would be no substitute for a pooper scooper. I suppose you could require the owner to pick up after their pet when they get back, but I’d hate to be the owner who uses it right after that.

Eh, not everything has to have a nifty technological solution. They already have people periodically checking in on things via camera and the ability to contact the human, for various other reasons. Battery backup works as a failsafe. Your proposal seems potentially cheaper, but the battery is also a fully equivalent replacement for mains power as far as the rest of the thing is concerned (until it runs out).

On the other part, most human doggo-pals are presumably smart enough to not put em in there when they gotta poo? Or are about to. One would hope? The kind of accidents likely in practice, I’m imagining, would not be very scoopable. Ugh, I’ve grossed myself out now. (Luckily, dogs are not easily grossed out and may even see some bugs as features, ha!)


:notes:No pot to piss in, makes competition
I fail to see how this is an effective system
Cats and dogs in America and Britain
Eat better food then most of humanity…:notes:

What’s the homelessness rate in Brooklyn these days?

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Big doghouse needs disrupting!


This looks messier but I bet it’s a lot more fun:

I would hope that you’d notice the lights just turned off and go check on your dog.

Also, 8-hour battery backup, apparently.

I’m not saying they’re not that insecure, because God knows there’s been a lot of absolutely baffling design decisions in the last few years of exploits, but if I were designing this the climate control would not be connected to the wifi at all. There’s no reason to allow anyone but the maintenance guy to mess with it, so it should require a hardline.

I feel like there’s significantly more risk (i.e. not much, but some) to leaving your dog unattended at all. Someone could just walk off with them.

Those are manufactured when someone allows their subscription to lapse before retrieving their dog.