Review: A heated dog bed, for a senior pup whose old bones love warmth

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Wow, that’s a great idea. Plus it would keep your [not so old] furry friend from the furniture, considering the warmth factor that is.

Item description says "*The surface temperature of the K&H Thermo Snuggly Sleeper will *
remain 10-15 degrees above ambient air temperature when not in use by the pet. " Sounds like it will draw 6 watts even when not in use, with a thermostat to shut down if it gets too warm.

I don’t see any indication this heater powers down when not in use?

It’s a trap! That thing is a roasting pan! Soylent Green is doggies!


I’ve got the cat version for my felines. All three had to get their own since none would share. It’s power use is minimal at best. The pad doesn’t shut off, but it does pull less of a load when the pet is out of the bad.

I have a 10 year old Burmese that would love this. When it gets below say 45F he is all about finding the warmest person to hibernate on.

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I lived in an old house with two cats, and I kept the house at 65 degrees. Both cats loved boxes, so one day I stood a large cardboard box up against a wall mounted hot air heater vent. I cut a door, some flap windows and then cut out the back out where the heater vent was. Whenever they heard the heater start, they would drop what they were doing and make a beeline for the box. The heater would ruin 10 minutes or so, and after it stopped they would both stroll out,lazily, until the heater started again. This went on about twice an hour for four months. It had to get to 95-100 degrees in that box when the heat was on.


I have a puppy who would love one of these. He cuddles up to the radiator (baseboard FHW) all the time. Problem is: he also likes to dismantle beds & pull out all the stuffing. Not the best idea to have 120VAC waiting for him.

awesome! do they make these for humans?

i just ordered one for my soon to be 19 year old rat terrier, Spooky. Thanks for this tip.

Ohh… SENIOR pup…

Carry on.


You’re lucky. My 18-y-o tabby mix is a native southern Californian and cannot bear being subjected to anything below a frigid 65°F. As soon as I sit down on the sofa, he is all about the lap. He’s so spoiled, but he loves people and he’s never so much as scratched a human (or furniture).*

*He did scratch and bite the hell out of our pit bull one time after getting trapped in her mouth.

Our tabby who is 16 now is luckily not a lap cat she just finds a good blanket somewhere quiet and is happy. I don’t blame the burmese too much as his fur just the short soft fluffy coat and isn’t very good at keeping him warm in the cool weather.

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It’s a great idea and I bet my dog would love it, but even the large size would be a bit small for her – she’s a 65 lb. shepherd. I wish they had the same heating tech but in a pad rather than a cushioned bed.

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The same company apparently makes pads with the same tech, but the reviews seem pretty mixed.

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