Cat warms self by heater


I had an old house with sidewall forced air heat registers, and two cats. They used to sit by the vents. One day I got an old cardboard box and cut a door and a window flap in it. I then cut out an opening in the back where the vent was and slid the box against it. Every time the heater fan came on , both of them ran full speed into the box and sat there till the fan shut down. They would then mosey out, till the next cycle. This went on for three months, 3 to 4 times an hour. I should mention I keep my house at 65 degrees in the winter.



Our house cats were behaving very very badly, so my reasoning was that the best way to establish dominance was to eject them from their territory. So I tossed them both into the unheated garage where it was about 40 degrees for a week. They got a catbed with a 100 watt utility light to warm them, and as long as they stayed in the bed they were pretty toasty. Every time I opened the door they tried to come into the house, but I was having none of that. After a week, we had reestablished the pecking order


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