Mystery kitty pops out of vent of woman's house


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No worries, it’s just Ceiling Kitteh’s little cousin Vent Kitteh.


I can haz spelunking merit badge?


You don’t choose cats. They choose you.


My parents used to have a cat that did that. He’d rip open the duct work under the house, and then crawl through to get into the house. It took them ages to figure out how he was going in and out on his own. They didn’t realize a vent in the back bedroom didn’t have a cover, because it wasn’t finished.

  1. well, you have a cat now.

Our old cat used to do this, if a plumber left a hole in the wall (or a drunk roommate kicked a hole in a wall) she would crawl in and we wouldn’t see her for a couple days, eventually she would emerge (from a hole in another part of the house, I should add) with a bunch of cobwebs stuck to her. Cats just do this. Adventure.


Basement Cat is watching you.


Yes, hopefully after checking if it’s chipped. That kitten looks to be in pretty good shape for a stray and feral cats tend to be more skittish.


OHAI! Wuz you in heer,cuz I in here!


HVAC: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Cat-ditioning.


Cute little meow at the end. I wantzzzz…


You do now, lady.



Meme is so!


The miracle of birth. For some reason I thought it’d be different though.


Oh, Hai there!



Many, many years ago I went to a house party – it was the annual work party of a friend (I have no idea why I was there). I didn’t know anybody and they were mostly 20+ years older than myself. So, I decided to have a few drinks and proceeded to get drunk for the first time in my life. At one point I realized I needed to sit down so I went to a corner and sat on the floor up against the wall. After about 10 minutes I looked beside me and noticed that the floor duct did not have a cover. Moments later, 8 puppies emerged and playfully attacked me!

This was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.


I’d like to have whatever you were having!


I need to know what happened to the cute kitty


No whack-a-mole me, plz! K, thanxbye!