Doggone it! Donald Trump kicks puppy slayer Kristi Noem off his VP short list

I’m still thinking Ivanka. It’s going to be the only name he remembers when it comes time to pick, and clearly whatever moderating force that teamed him up with Pence last time is gone. He’ll do whatever the hell he wants because it will only maybe, slightly, possibly make the Republicans consider lessening their ass-kissing if he goes completely off script, and since MAGAts are pretty much celebrating the fact that he can’t control his bowels, I don’t think there’s any VP candidate he could pick that would make a difference.


… depending on who he wants to impress at that moment in the day

Want to change Trump’s mind on policy? Be the last one who talks to him.

You can say this for President Trump: Unlike most other politicians, he’s totally at peace with changing his mind at any given moment, with very little explanation.


It’s a real conundrum. Trumpy doesn’t want someone who is taller than him. He doesn’t want someone who will get more attention than him. He doesn’t want someone who might upstage him with a differing opinion. The only women who might say yes to the nomination are objectively horrible people who won’t add any votes. Any moderately intelligent person who might be in the running will not want to attach themselves to a rapidly sinking ship. And there is always a 50/50 chance that Trumpy will turn on them and publicly humiliate them.

I’m guessing Tommy Tuberville might be the only one dumb enough to take the job.


To be fair, the only men who might say yes are the same.


I could see him announcing that his VP pick is Donald Trump and everyone assuming he meant Junior. But in that case he could have meant he doesn’t want to actually have a VP to potentially interfere with his plans the way Mike Pence did on January 6th, 2021.

“If I’m both the President and Vice President, that means no one can stop me when I give orders” could be his thought process (using that term loosely.)

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