Kristi Noem doubles down on puppy slaying

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The memeverse is on fire about this. I made a simple one.
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Are you sure about that?


I’ve had to put down horses too. It sucks. What exactly does that have to do with murdering a puppy?


Has anyone checked on her children lately? Just curious as to if any of them have been untrainable or she just didn’t like them.


For real though. This story reminds me of one from my childhood. My mom had a friend who went through a particularly bitter divorce from her second husband. The kind where they both make everything worse for everyone. She had a kid from each marriage several years apart being pushed and pulled by these two divorces already. After the second divorce she was full of rage and kind of took it out on the family pet, having it quickly euthanized as some kind of wine-mom flavored act of self-determination. It’s not the only reason neither of her kids had contact with her last I heard, but I’m sure it didn’t help. IDK whatever happened to that lady because my mom cut contact with her too. I never liked her either really for many reasons, this being one of them, but for a couple years I regularly saw the kids and so think about them sometimes.


In your experience what is the likelihood that she’d have good medical justification for putting down three of them all at the same time?


She was tired of them, like the dog and goat.


They couldn’t get this dance just right…
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So, what else could she do but…

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25 is not at death’s door. Did all three horses colic at the same time?

My oldest is 31. She will be humanely euthanized when she lies down and can’t get get back up again, and not a minute sooner.


I’d say the most likely medical justification for putting down three horses at the same time was because they were all in such a sorry state of neglect or abuse that there was no other choice. That’s the only time I’ve ever see multiple horses put down like that.


Priming the MAGA faithful for the future?
…drags on the state…


Sounds like one of those cosplaying farmers that neglect their animals… the dog, the goat, the horses…


South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem has “no shot” at being Donald Trump’s running mate after revealing in a forthcoming book that she shot and killed her puppy, sources close to the 45th president tell The Post.

“She was already unlikely to be picked as VP, but had a shot,” the person said of Noem, who has been widely projected to be on Trump’s shortlist. “After this, it’s just impossible.”


Definitely attempting to apply the Trump playbook, where if caught doing something stupid, instead of admitting you double down. Only without the clownish charisma (of a sorts) that the GOP frontrunner used to have.

I can see why she is now going down this road, because there is no recovery. May as well power through and hope someone somewhere rewards her for her gambit. Any apology would be suicide, so she might as well go down fighting.

Note: No, I don’t like her, and going through the mental exercise of putting myself in her shoes makes me like her even less.


Campaign ad?


For whatever it’s worth, this Rolling Stone article also talks about how people near Trump are saying that this is a dealbreaker for her as VP, but it also admits that those unnamed sources have other horses in the race.

Several Republicans close to Trump — who, admittedly, are aligned with others vying for the Trump VP slot, or who simply don’t like Noem — are using the MAGA governor’s story of shooting and killing an unruly puppy to try to help nuke the former president’s opinion of her. In the days since the story from Noem’s memoir went viral, multiple Trump allies and confidants flagged the dog-killing and press coverage of it directly to Trump, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter and another source briefed on it, hoping it would cause him to view her as an out-of-touch buffoon.


You can’t make a coat with only one puppy, silly. You might need as many as 99 for a full ensemble (though that strikes me as a little excessive even for an evil fashionista).


There’s quite a bit of variation in Dalmatian spots—in addition to black and liver they can also be brindle, lemon, or even blue, and since not every pelt is necessarily going to be coat-worthy it helps to have backups. Especially when your employees are these two.