Dogs in Navi Mumbai are turning blue

Perfect pet for Colloidal Silver Guy.

We are having the same problem here in the U.S.
Something is turning our political leaders Orange!

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They’re a problem in West Bengal, too. I suspect everywhere. I’ve been to India a number of times, but limited to Kolkata and Durgapur (both in WB). Saw some aweful things… vicious dog fights, a few human-on-dog cruelties, and general disregard for these dogs. As a Canadian dog lover, it was hard to witness.

At the risk of repeating myself on the Internet… I was in Kolkata, in the silver district; my friend wanted to buy some jewellery. I wasn’t interested in any and didn’t want to put up with the high-pressure sales tactics, so I stayed outside leaning against a post. It wasn’t long before I noticed about a dozen dogs had formed a circle around me; no obvious threat, but it sure seemed they were interested in me. Not sure if it would have gotten worse, but I wasn’t inclined to wait & see. I ducked into a tea shop for safety, and they dispersed.

On a positive note, I did make good friends with the “shop dogs” that lived in the factory I worked in for many weeks. Especially the puppies born there. Overall, these dogs seemed less of a concern than the random city dogs; I think the factory, with it’s regular schedule and generally well off employees, was a much easier environment for the dogs.

These two brothers were my favorites…

Don’t worry. Mine were poisoned before the year was out.

Papa Smurf is real?

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