Dogs in Navi Mumbai are turning blue


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I wonder how this plays in a culture that has blue deities. :thinking:


What color are YOUR dogs?
All Na’vi dogs are blue


I believe this is what they call “collie in a coalmine.”


But are they Democrats?



We do not know if birds, reptiles and other creatures are affected or if they have even died owing to the dye discharged into the air.

In fact, we do not know if millions of innocent children died!!! We also do not know if it was intentional! We do not know if the CEO roared with laughter while watching the adorable hypothetical birds and reptiles struggling for their last breath!


We have not confirmed that the airborne dyes make birds immortal.

But it seems pretty reasonable to assume that high levels of toxic chemicals in water will harm the creatures that live in or eat from that water.


Marketing campaign for a new chain of coffee shops.


We had a dog named Blue, he was black.
I can’t say he was a good dog, exactly, but he was my dog and I loved him until the day he died.


Why is Blue such a popular dog name? Or why was it? So many older songs singing about a dog named “Blue”.


When an animal’s coat is described as “blue”, it usually refers to a shade of grey that takes on a bluish tint, a diluted variant of a pure black coat. This designation is used for a variety of animals, including dog coats, some rat coats, cat coats, some chicken breeds, some horse coat colours and rabbit coat colours.

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Yes I’m aware of where the term comes from, but I didn’t realize it was so popular as a name.

Although I suppose it’s no different than naming a kid “Goldilocks”


Or nicknaming a redhead “Red”.


You got me.
He came with it.


My 'Pariah Dogs' by Joseph Francis, on Flickr

Amritsar, India


Are we sure these aren’t elderly dogs?


I imagine this is a tough case to crack for the scientists. If only we had a Clue.

Do you see a Clue? You do?! Where?



It’s not a phase, Mom, this is who I am!!!


These dogs in India are no joke, and are a problem unto themselves.

In the big cities, you can’t safely go out past about 9pm because that is when they get aggressive. They fight amongst themselves all night long, and mostly nap and look cute during the day. Periodically, they attack a person.

I’ve been to India twice, and it doesn’t seem like they’re a problem everywhere? Chennai didn’t seem to have the dog problem, but Bangalore, Holy Hell was it doggie Vietnam after dark!