Just a poofy rainbow poodle




Looks like an illicit offspring of a floor mop and a parrot.


At such a sight words fail.


I have two internally competing theories of dogs:

  1. ‘Sucker wolves’. The ones that fell for our comfy fire and delicious scraps and experienced the consequences. Highly plausible in this case.

  2. ‘Psy-ops wolves’. Generations of extraordinarily adept sleeper agents infiltrating our society and positioning themselves for the return of the pack. Compiling a list of people who will be first against the wall in this case.


Fortunately acronyms exist: WTF!




Huh? Because what popped out of my mouth, completely uncontrolled was “jumpin’ jeebus on a pogo stick!”


Although I rarely get to say it I think I was just gob smacked when I saw it.


Well yeah, with the “W” going for what or why or maybe where so I can avoid further contact. Who I wouldn’t even want to know.


So we’re encouraging this kind of thing? Yikes.


Why not? Makes life a bit more colorful, doesn’t it?


I see they were going for the clown wig look, but points deducted for forgetting the red nose.


I was going to say it’s cruel, but on second thought I think my dog would love it because he’d get so much attention. Come to think of it, he’d probably like all the attention he got in the coloring process too. Actually, it seems like an awesome thing to do for your dog. :smile:


Rollen likes!




My poodle was so lucky to have been born with black fur. If he’d been white, I’d have done this and worse to him.


Wow, that’s some frankencar.


Holy crap! That was made on purpose. By VW.



Rainbow hair is forever associated with disgraced British twats:


Rainbow has been done to death. I want to see a camo poodle.


I couldn’t locate you a camo poodle, but if you are having a down day, I HIGHLY recommend doing an image search for “dyed poodle”. That’s a lot of cute puppy dogs.