Dogs team up in unimaginably cute fashion to retrieve ball




I think what you see here is a ball-obsessed lab and an opportunistic trouble-making collie. I have a fetch obsessed lab, and I think you could literally shoot her without disrupting her focus on the ball or stick.


Minds are so mysterious.


This puts to mind the two things dogs have been bred for, either hunting/retrieving or cattle protection.
One builds on the hunting instinct the other builds on the pup protecting instinct by extending it outside the species.
So I see a hunter dog aggressively chasing a ball and a herding dog afraid for her friend’s life and taking whatever action she can.


Of course, we would need an objective analysis of the strength of the tail biting dog 's association between that behaviour and having subsequent access to the ball, or in fact any behaviours by the ball fetching dog, which might denote an expectation of his tail to be bitten before attempting retrieval of the ball.
I would expect such behaviours to accompany such a repeated interaction which may have well begun as an instinctually driven occurrence but when repeated, would acquire such associated behaviours as I have previously described which when combined with the original behaviour, IMO would cross the threshold for definition as ‘teamwork’, nonetheless.

Behaviour is a tricky beast, no?


TIL the word ‘Merle’.


Nobody suspects this is a sample video from a dog trainer?


I don’t know why people are so skeptical about cooperation in the animal world - it’s been well documented in many species from monkeys and elephants to birds and squirrels.


true dat


Did I read “cute dog fashion”?


Seduced by the spice which he gulped from every trace he found, the membrane which covered him no longer was sandtrout, just as he was no longer human.


Cuttie doggies, right?


In my defence, I am on some strong-ass painkillers and dagmanit they’re a team!


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