Duffy the rough collie can't catch balls


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But he never stops trying. Good boy.


Maximum points indeed!


Sorry to be the purist, but I cannot award maximum points for that truncated ‘Nessun dorma’. The lyrics become quite weird that way…

Duffy gets +100 for trying, though.


Duffy catches better than I do.


Except it isn’t a rough collie. It’s a sheltie collie, otherwise known as a Shetland Sheep Dog. I had one and not being able to catch is pretty typical of the breed.


Aw, what a special doggy.


A long time ago my girlfriend at the time had a Sheltie which she brought to my parents` sheep farm. Within 5 minutes the ewes had him cornered in the corral, with no hope of escape.

I lost some respect for the (admittedly beautiful and cute) breed at that point. Give me a border collie any day (assuming enough land for it to run).


I was sitting on a ridge on the Isle of Skye recently watching a team of 4 border collies far below me work a flock. I was astonished at their endurance. It was far more than mine, the reason I was just sitting on the ridge.


Came to say that. My dog is useless with balls, and has simply given up.

Edit - are sheepdogs just not very good with balls in general?


When I was a kid, I had a border collie/husky cross who used to chase footballs down and burst them. Got me into a lot of fights in the park, that dog did.


This is my favorite pet film since Ennui Cat.


This is mine. He doesn’t run much these days, though. He’s 13 and arthritic.


I have a German Shepherd, which we think of as police/service dogs, but they were bred to be, well, shepherds. She’s very good with catching balls or whatever


All very good doggos. 14/10. Would pat for hours.


Watching the video recalled my childhood.


Good to hear it’s typical of the breed. My first thought was “I wonder if he/she has really bad eyesight…”


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