Dogs that can dog exceptionally welll


That guy doing the ninja roll at 1:30 - I swear I expected him to come up with a gun!

Their resilience, spirit, and lack of embarrassment is quintessentially dog.


I hope they were all ok

Love the look on the face of the one at the end! I think dogs DO get embarrassed sometimes. My dog’s way of blushing is to sneeze. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Very true.

Also, my dog is just like this. He’s very agile and smart, good at complex tricks like “I lay down and lift my knees to my chest, you stand on my legs and get up on your back legs.” But if you toss him a treat (including his favorites, like chicken jerky) he lets it hit him on the snout, then he has to sniff around for it.

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