Dogs do not like people who snub their owners

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I’m no Scientitian, but I know some dogs these people should meet. I believe their sample set is, well, skewed, let’s say.


I do have a dog who is very reluctant to take treats from strangers. He may take a treat in his mouth if it’s offered, but he’ll then drop it and look at my spouse. If he’s told it’s OK he may or may not eat it.

This has absolutely nothing to do with whether they’ve snubbed either my spouse or me. He’s just very reserved with people he doesn’t know. His breed standard says he’s outgoing but dignified. I’d say he’s living up to that.


I don’t find this too surprising. Even crows can tell one person from another, and hold a grudge, and dogs are nearly as smart. Not at the level of chimps and cats, but pretty clever.


Most dogs I know will eat anything, anywhere, from anyone. Their brains are about ninety per cent food lobe.

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