Dolphin teens get high by chewing pufferfish

It’s just youthful experimentation, like touching another boy’s blowhole at summer camp.


No, they come in the ocean…

That’s an interesting concept. I’m sure most posting here believe that religion is primarily a way to keep the masses under control, which makes me wonder why the government is fighting a war on drugs. It seems to me they’d want people stoned out of their gourds. Of course, productivity (and taxes) would drop, and with the way things are set up now, the government can’t share in the drug profits.

The mistake you’re making is in thinking the Catholic Church has any power as a government, or even that powerful governments can influence the course a religious culture takes. No one chose for Christianity to go from being an itinerant Hippy-like movement that rejected authority and the established order into being the major western world power a few centuries later, to say nothing for the countless other changes that occured over almost another two thousand years. Every couple hundred years it shifted and mutated, never intentionally, always organically, corrupted by the passage of so much time.

That said, on the topic of drugs, there’s more money in policing illegal drugs than there would be in taxing legal drugs. As black market goods, they fetch a high price. Make them legal, scarcity drops, price drops, and even overall usage drops.

It’s better to have a raging black market for drugs that you can raid and plunder wholesale, then a lackluster legal market that you can only tax a fraction. Combine that with a booming incarceration business and it’s pretty simple to see why nothing changes. It’s not conspiracy or plot, just natural idiocy and greed at work.


Tetrodotoxin paralyses. That is all. Where in the name of feck does the “get high” part of the headline come from?

One of the reasons why people eat fugu, supposedly (aside from the sheer danger of it), is that an extremely small dose of tetrodotoxin produces a slight tingling sensation that’s enjoyable to some. Of course, the difference between that amount and the amount that can kill you is razor-thin, so this account of dolphins just chewing on the thing to get a buzz is indeed probably bogus.

I don’t know about encounters in the wild between strangers, but I’ve read about a researcher who lived for a while with what turned out to be a very friendly dolphin.

{quickly searches Google}

Fuckin’ Narcs. The law of Unintended Consequences means this will eventually be sold to crazed sherrifs departments, in order to protect them from the ideas of drugs, foreigners and hippies. Florida springs to mind as a good place to start. How much are these things in bulk? Anyone want to do the booth for LEO trade shows?

Fun tangential fact - Christianity was originally an “ecstatic” religion during its earliest years, in which drug induced trances and ecstacies were the norm.

That’s a thoroughly debunked theory from the 1970s.

looks like an animation has been done about that experiment.

Dude! Don’t Bogart that puffer!

Uh… what? The book you link to isn’t anything like what I’m saying, at all.

That book makes a number of bizarre claims, such as Christianity stemming from Fertility Cults (it clearly, painfully obviously is a direct offshoot from Judaism), and that Jesus never existed except in legends born from 'shroom usage among those imagined cults (quite firm evidence shows he did exist as a historical figure).

It’s a crackpot theory not because it suggests Christianity at one point made use of trances and even mild hallucinogens (like countless religions of the time did), but because it is disconnected with basic reality.

This is like you suggesting that Napoleon learned to speak Russian, and I then countering that by linking to a conspiracy theory which claims Napoleon was actually a Russian time traveler sent to conquor the past by Joseph Stalin.

It’s discrediting by hyperbolic distortionistic association - if someone says something you disagree with, you twist their argument into an entirely different, entirely untennable one - that way, people don’t discuss the original idea, they instead just argue over the nonsense idea you replaced it with.

“I think we should reform healthcare!”
“Oh, so you’re a Communist?!? Why do you hate America?!?”

Please, kindly stop this sort of shameful, idiotic behavior.

Intoxication of the animal kindgom? Its been done.

So what IS it you’re claiming?

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