Dolphin teens get high by chewing pufferfish


Impossible. Wouldn’t they have to build lots more dolphin prisons?


Pretty amazing to try to consider how that kind of specialized knowledge might be shared between dolphins. It seems unlikely that it could just be an instinctual thing. I would think it must involve some sort of symbiotic communication like what Eduardo Kohn lays out in “How Forests Think.”

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I hate to be a killjoy, but this sounds like an awful lot of speculation. I suppose it would bother me less if it weren’t so easily verifiable - check blood concentrations of TTX. Granted, that would be difficult with the spy-camera-like observations being done, but is it so crazy to suggest you should be sure about something like this before announcing it?

Of course, it seems far from settled that that’s what’s really happening.


Could some elucidate on their being rapist (of people) dolphins. I heard it from someone but have not gotten a biologists take on it.

Considering a Lot of Dolphin behaviour is learned from their podmates, why would this have to be instinctual? Culture isn’t just a human thing, many species have unique groups that behave different to other groups of the same species.

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The males are said to be shamelessly horny bastards. They can easily tell a male from a female person and are said to proposition human women. This would be a disastrously bad idea for the woman, but the dolphins don’t know that.

Oh, and what I came here to say:

Don’t bogart that fish, dude!


Passing Puffers is likely a gateway to squishing squids… I hope I’m wrong about this


The more people howl about Drugs being especially bad for the young brain, the more I can’t help but notice that those are exactly the brains that crave the experience of being high.
Hell a five year old wants you to spin her around and around until she falls over dizzy & shrieking with laughter. Try that yourself and see how it suits you, old man?

Now we have further proof from our big brained brethren of the sea. What’s the point of having a all these growing neural connections, if you can’t play with them.


We really need to make sure that this is safe for humans before this gets out any farther. This is a serious issue and some crazy teenager will try it out and who knows what might happen.

Some brave human must sacrifice safety and sobriety to find out. It is a dangerous job, but I am available. Make sure there are at least three doses and a long weekend and just drop me off. I will let you all know how it goes . . . if I survive. Some good whiskey might help with the pain.

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Just for the record, though, people do know what happens. Pufferfish are regularly eaten, under the name fugu since we picked it up from the Japanese.

When carefully prepared, the small amounts of tetrodotoxin make your lips and fingers tingle. Too much causes respiratory and cardiac failure, but so long as it is getting enough oxygen to live, there isn’t much that happens to your brain.

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damn damn damn

who knows where that might lead…

Animals make use of naturally occuring substances when it feels good or helps their health. Why anyone ever assumed that making use of natural substances in this manner was somehow restricted to humans, I’ll never know.

Fun tangential fact - Christianity was originally an “ecstatic” religion during its earliest years, in which drug induced trances and ecstacies were the norm. Puts terms like “in the spirit” into context. Amazing how in the intervening centuries hallucinogens went from being an aide in experiencing the divine to being a source of moral outrage. Maybe the Church should go huff some pufferfishes?

I don’t know, do dolphins come in brown?


I propose that we secretly monitor all dolphin emails, texts, and telephone calls to protect the other, more vulnerable, dolphins from the harms associated with puffer fish use.

No, dolphins come in other dolphins; that’s why their species doesn’t die out >.> …

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Has anyone ever been raped by a stoned dolphin?

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That’s what I’m saying. Its a fascinating example of non-human culture.