The woman who lived (and slept) with a dolphhin


The Dolphin Experiment
Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #42 shows Gus’ retelling of a crazy experiment from the 1960s involving a dolphin, a flooded house, a poor research assistant, sexual favors and LSD. -->

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Birthing the dolphin/human hybrid was a piece of cake!

Nursing? Not so much…


Indeed this is so 60’s!

The blog title is kind of misleading, the article says that the dolphin’s periodic sexual urges were distracting him from his “English lessons” and it took too much time to transport him to the tank with the female dolphins whenever that happened, so “it just seemed easier for Lovatt to relieve his urges herself manually”. Would you say a cattle breeder who “manually relieves” a bull is sleeping with the bull? (and that’s after the blog title was edited, it originally said “the woman who lived (and had sex) with a dolphin”).


The blog who posted (and left up) a clickbaity shock article that misleads anyone who doesn’t click through. They didn’t give LSD to peter. Plus it did nothing anyway.

Injecting the dolphins with LSD was not something Lovatt was in favour of and she insisted that the drug was not given to Peter, which Lilly agreed to. But it was his lab, and they were his animals, she recalls. And as a young woman in her 20s she felt powerless to stop him giving LSD to the other two dolphins.

“Peter liked to be with me,” explains Lovatt. “He would rub himself on my knee, or my foot, or my hand. And at first I would put him downstairs with the girls,” she says. But transporting Peter downstairs proved so disruptive to the lessons that, faced with his frequent arousals, it just seemed easier for Lovatt to relieve his urges herself manually.

For Lovatt it was a precious thing, which was always carried out with great respect. “Peter was right there and he knew that I was right there,” she continues. “It wasn’t sexual on my part. Sensuous perhaps. It seemed to me that it made the bond closer. Not because of the sexual activity, but because of the lack of having to keep breaking. And that’s really all it was. I was there to get to know Peter. That was part of Peter.”

PS: psychedelic dolphin researcher - where do I sign up??

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Hmm… Fine line there. One key point may be that the bull breeder is simply collecting semen, and that the “manual relief” (which it isn’t usually BTW, more frighteningly usually happening with AV’s or electrostimulation) is simply a means to collect said materiel.

“Manually relieving” your charge so that he pays better attention to his studies… Well… that makes me wish that I had had such a conscientious tutor when I was a teenager :smile: Completely not a sexual thing of course.

Or, look at it this way, if you paid a prostitute to “manually relieve” you, I’m pretty sure that the courts would still bust you for paying for a sex act.

Yeah, it’s not as dramatic and clickbaity as “woman had sex with dolphin” (which conjures other images), but I’m pretty sure that dolphin had sex with her (or at least her hand).

I’d be really worried about the consequences of giving LSD to any water mammal that needs to swim to the surface to be able to breathe. We’ve got some idea about how it affects humans, but they almost certainly had no idea in advance about how it would affect dolphins’ perceptions, orientation abilities, or swimming coordination, and a tripping dolphin could quite possibly drown.

‘I did not have sexual relations with that dolphin’.

UK readers may remember the ‘Freddie the dolphin’ court case where a swimmer was cleared of ‘outraging public decency by masturbating Freddie’s penis’.

Poor dolphins. Humans are such confused schmucks sometimes.

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“So long, and thanks for all the hand jobs.”


They apparently gave two other dolphins LSD. I see no mention of how it affected them (or didn’t), however.

… getting to know Peter…

I’m certainly not endorsing giving drugs to animals (though, it’s kinda how we know what we know today). I’m just saying that it’s not necessarily the awful thing people seem to think it is. Turns out it had no effect, buy they might have found it as fun as humans. It might also have killed them. I’m glad it didn’t do the second one but now we know and there wont be some other crackpot trying it.


In the 1960s a small selection of neuroscientists like John Lilly were licensed to research LSD by the American government, convinced that the drug had medicinal qualities that could be used to treat mental-health patients. As part of this research, the drug was sometimes injected into animals and Lilly had been using it on his dolphins since 1964, curious about the effect it would have on them.

Much to Lilly’s annoyance, nothing happened. Despite his various attempts to get the dolphins to respond to the drug, it didn’t seem to have any effect on them, remembers Lovatt. “Different species react to different pharmaceuticals in different ways,” explains the vet, Andy Williamson. “A tranquilliser made for horses might induce a state of excitement in a dog. Playing with pharmaceuticals is a tricky business to say the least.”


In Japan, where prostitution is supposedly illegal (despite the raging sex industry) there is a ‘service’ called White Hands (I know, I know) that provides… stimulation for people who are medically unable to do so themselves.

PS: the white hands lady in this video is far more fapable than the 50 year old rotund lady in their other promo vids.

Ah, my mistake, I didn’t see that part, thank you. I do have to wonder if it did have a negative effect they didn’t observe, but I hope they were correct and the dolphins didn’t suffer from it.

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The negative effect I was worried about was drowning, which apparently it didn’t cause.

LSD has killed elephants, apparently by disrupting their heat regulation mechanism, but while some serotonin-affecting drugs can do that to humans, LSD doesn’t have much heat-regulating effect on us. I’d worry about it possibly doing that to larger whales, but dolphins are small enough and in the water so if it affected them, it wasn’t bad enough to cause problems.

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