Don Lemon shames Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ted Cruz and others for their gun rhetoric "while Americans are dying"

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Shaming works best when its targets actually have a sense of shame. None of these grifters or their death cultists do.

Still, good on Lemon for calling them out. That needs to continue in the corporate media after too many decades of nodding along to statements from The Party of Demonstrable Bad Faith.


The covid crisis showed plainly that for Republicans there is an acceptable death toll for everything. Trump balanced a thousand people a day against harm to the economy as acceptable. Given their gun rights platform and risk of losing votes, it would probably take that many before they’d accept something needs to be done.

This, from people who cost us millions for security every year. Perhaps that is the way to handle it. Those Presidents and people in Congress that oppose gun control get a free sidearm, and no security otherwise. That’s all they need, right?


Probably because I’m Canadian and don’t have cable, I’ve never seen Don Lemon except perhaps in passing, but he has the best “I’m so done with this shit” vibe.

You can just feel the hope slowly slipping through his fingers.


MTG & the GQP/Qnuts/Gun~nuts are disgusting, makes you wanna scream.

Shaming works best when its targets actually have a sense of shame. None of these grifters or their death cultists do.*

Roger That!


I think the hope is that some of the death cultists can be reached when they’re only flirting with the idea of joining the death cult. The full on death cultists and their cult leaders are too far gone, but reasonable people are still reachable.

I hope.


Second amendment, right?


Clearly for hunting.


Hey, at least the Florida Man buying this gun is required to have an ATF license. Can’t say the same for these useless Congresscritters’ ARs.


How does one shame those incapable of being shamed?
Lemon’s just pandering to his audience same as Fox hosts do.


I mean, one is saying true things and the others are saying outright falsehoods that have divorced people from reality and led to bloodshed, but that’s basically the same thing. :roll_eyes:


Apologies, as this turned into a screed-

Matchlocks, flintlocks, cap and ball, single shot breach loaders, how did we manage to span a continent while simultaneously nearly annihilating the original inhabitants, without automatic weapons with 30+ round magazines ?

Yes, there were Winchester rifles, and double action revolvers, but the gun that “won” the west for the average American was a shot gun (one or double barreled).
It was a “game getter”, would drive off the coyote from the hen house, and, rarely,
defend the homestead from two legged varmints. Indian raids, bank robberies , and
various “range wars” occurred, but when did you ever read about a psycho cowboy walking into a one room school house and massacring teacher and students?

The gun is now a fetish, and the most totemic is the assault rifle. Armed to the teeth,
fearing everything you don’t understand, and all too susceptible to shoot first without
thinking, or worse, making your psychosis everyone else’s bad day as well.

It’s far too much gun for most people, and if it must exist, should be restricted to
the military.


With all due respect, I call BS.
(I’m assuming it’s sarcasm, because everything I can find all lead to, which is a meme site, and has the worst UI I’ve seen in recent memory.)

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He wouldn’t be able to buy it at all- I don’t think the armed forces has let any of them out into the civilian world except as non-functional displays, or as demilled, useless scrap.

And the requirements (and money needed) to buy a full auto firearm are… considerable for a US buyer.

( I once looked into getting an honest-to-bog Thompson sub-machine gun a good 12+ years ago- the entry fee started at 60K and went up rather quickly from there, and the paperwork is a nightmare to process and maintain.)

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Home Defence, surely?


Don’t doubt that it is fake. However, the way the NRA and current crop of politicians read the second amendment, what to stop someone other than funding. Why not have a personal tank, a bazooka, or a machine gun? As you said yourself, you tried but it got too expensive and burdensome.
This crap has got to stop, IMO we should repeal the second amendment and start the process of confiscating and melting down all guns.


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA)

I see what you did there… :laughing:


The list of things that pretty much all advanced countries except the United States manage to do for their citizens is getting pretty long:

“Can we have some sort of universal health care system? There’s lots of different examples and pretty much all of them cost less and deliver better outcomes.” - Nope: UnAmerican

“There are over 1,000 people killed by police every year. The police in other advanced countries maintain law and order with only a small fraction of deaths. Could we maybe look at their policies, procedures and training methods?” - Nope: UnAmerican

“Hey, we seem to have a lot of mass shootings. The NRA has been saying for decades that more guns carried by more people in more places will solve the problem but that doesn’t seem to be working. Any chance we could take a look at why this sort of thing only happens here? Because I’d rather it didn’t.” - Nope: UnAmerican

Social safety net? Free public college? UnAmerican

“You can reduce abortions by a LOT by making birth control cheap and easy to get” - UnAmerican AND makes baby Jesus sad.

“Elections! Democracy is our thing! Surely we set the bar for the rest of the world when it comes to participation rates, ease of voting, confidence in the result and all that…No? SEVEN HOUR LINES? And the last guy voted out did what?”

“Here’s an easy one. We’re a rich country and we’ve got medical experts and whole departments whose job is to look out for the health of Americans and advise us what to do if there was, say, a worldwide pandemic. They game these things out, make plans and preparations, right? Surely our response to such an emergency would be the envy of the world. Right? Guys? Well, surely we did better than in 1918 when we had 5% of the world’s population but only 1.5% of worldwide deaths. Uh huh. 4% of population at 20% of deaths. Well, shit.”


That pretty much sums it up. We can’t do anything right. Even the most brainless, easy, minuscule bit of progress is too much for 'Murica to handle. Whether America was ever actually great is up for debate, but no one can deny that, at one point, we could at least get some pretty impressive shit done. Not any more.