Don Martin's sound effects (alphabetical order)




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Kachow? Kachow?? Who are you, Don Martin? – from an MST3K Invention Exchange.


To this day, whenever my brother and I see too much weight on the end of too thin a support, we say, “geen geen!”


an FYI - the image in the post is not Don Martin’s. It’s by the talented chameleon artist Mike Holmes, part of his series where he draws himself & his cat in many notable styles.




I picked up that double hardcover for $20 a couple of yeas ago during a Barnes and Noble clearance sale. It’s a wonderful anthology, although you can get a hernia lifting it. FLORK!


Don Martin was a giant of silent sound.


I pulled that table into rows of javascript arrays, if useful to anyone …

Don Martin sound effects Considered Harmful

One key sound was intentionally left out of the list - the sound effect that, if revealed, could endanger the world as we know it.

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