Dean Martin sings 'Lay Some Happiness On Me'

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More for the Happy Mutant fans of Dino…


This performance would be banned today because Dino keeps sucking on a cigarette.

“I can’t SMOKE unless it’s a JOINT? WTF?”


He was a prizefighter as a teen.

My father (Dino’s age) was a huge fan, so I think I’ve seen every one of Martin’s movies and TV shows. I’m not especially proud of this, as I’m not as much of a fan as my dad was, but I recommend Bells are Ringing, Rio Bravo, and – slightly reluctantly – Artists and Models. (Jerry Lewis is an acquired taste.)




The song was used as a Chevrolet jingle for a while, prompting my dad to sing “Lay some happiness on me / Run me down with a Chevy.”

(Meter Police rate his bending the accent on Chev-YY ‘acceptable’ since the ad had already done the same thing.)

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5 CARD STUD and the Helm movies are slight, but good times.

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