Happy 101st birthday, Dean Martin!


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Happy Birthday, sir! I don’t know how you made it this far, but I’m glad you did.



Half a league, half a league…


Dean-o says that the 7th was yesterday, but thanks, pally!


Whoops. Thats all me.


dean was probably the kind of person who just celebrated the whole week, anyway. : )


Base and guitar - the Smothers Brothers?


Dino was one of the best, ever.


I was always fascinated by the “smooth dude” persona. People like that seem from another planet even though we often find out that they’re as big a mess inside as any of us. Also interesting is that invariably in comedy duos the goofball: Jerry, Lou Costello, Tommy Smothers, Gracie Allen, is the control freak running the show.


The invisible trumpet player is really good in that video. The visible vibes player not so much. He keeps hitting the bars that don’t make any sounds… :smiley:


When you swim in the sea
And an eel bites your knee
That’s a moray…


You should celebrate at his favourite joint. Sadly, the Doheny location is gone, but there’s still a Hamburger Hamlet in Sherman Oaks.


I used to live by the one on Sepulveda at National (?)


My locations were Westwood Village and later Doheny (never saw him there myself). “Get thee to a bunnery!”


I saw him a couple times as a kid, the 80s in West LA were odd but fun.


martin must have made some of the first colorfueled movies so when the chorus line of girls showed up with multi color bathing suits it really did seem a joyous moment


“I’ve never enjoyed Christmas.”

Am I missing a Dean reference or has the author never enjoyed Christmas?


best spy EVAR

Dean in the Matt Helm series was inspiring