Don "The Con" Trump's Guide to Grifting


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The face you make when you realize what a scumbag tRump really is.


Paging Leverage Accounting And Associates… Nate Ford and Co, we have a doozy for you…


One of the scarier insights I heard regarding Brexit was the idea that the right wing won precisely because the left got more vocal. As the anti-right rhetoric amped up, the right basically closed up; people on the fence broke away from the constant anger on the left and quietly decided to vote on the right.

I am terrified that the same thing could happen in the US.


Most, if not all, of this was known before Trump even decided to run for office. And yet people voted for him anyway.


Ha ha ha! [Breaks down crying]


It was “known” in the sense that it was public record, not that the media were actually talking about it, though. The public perception has been the opposite of the reality because few people actually knew anything of Trump beyond his carefully crafted - and almost entirely false - image.
And the sort of thing that’s only recently come to light was his “Trump Institute” scam, which, it turns out, is typical of how he works. He licensed his name to a couple of grifters (who were facing legal action in multiple states for previous “get rich quick” scams), made a commercial that promised people would learn all his business secrets* but otherwise had nothing to do with it. (And, in fact, the seminar materials were largely ripped off of from some obscure real estate sales book.)

*Well, I guess they did, if they were paying attention to the mechanisms of the scam itself. Not that it helps to know that if you inherit a lot of money and create a perception of yourself as a self-made business tycoon, you can scam people.


That doesn’t explain Wales, Sunderland and the other traditionally left-wing towns and cities that voted to leave the EU. How much of that was a (IMO badly thought out) protest vote rather than racism?

Let’s be honest. It was a battle between two conservative factions. The left voted for what they thought was the least worst option, whether that be leave or remain, but there was no good choice for us. Either way we were going to get neo-liberals forcing austerity on the poor, we only got to choose who they would be.


Maybe. But if more young people had turned out to vote… One reason I prefer Hillary to Bernie is his whole plan depends on a continuing revolution by his supporters, but I don’t trust them to look away from Snapchat long enough to even vote, much less get involved in boring local politics.


Don the Con; that is just too perfect, it needs to go viral.


Do you have any actual evidence that supports your condescension towards Bernie supporters?


The fact that Sanders is pro-democracy (ie wants people to be engaged in political decisions that affect their lives) and Clinton prefers people treat politics like a spectator sport seems like a strange reason to prefer Clinton.

Even if you’re being cynical, I’d call that a reason to grudgingly support Clinton, not actually prefer.

(Can we go back to calling these creatures by their last names now? This marketing game where we pretend to be casual acquaintances makes me a wee bit nauseous.)


Well, that might be your take, but my Close Personal Friend Hil says it’s “okeydoke” in her book.


Does she barf right after? because that’s totally my I’m-about-to-spew face.


I always thought of Trump as the Gilded Boy, but Don “The Con” works nicely, too.


Nevermind… my post was too snarky for it’s own good…


I’m not in the UK so I can’t comment on the UK end of things but if the Democrats want to win (and not just the presidency), they have to start believing in their message. Believing in it enough to actually run on that message. Not running against Trump and the other members of the clown car. Running for their dream of what America can be.


I think the idea that the anger from the left establishment may have put some (ex-?)Labour voters off has some merit. People in Wales and around the country hear people like Corbyn saying that we should help refugees, and they look around at their community and say “we need to look after the people who are already here first”.

As far as young people not turning out to vote, it’s easy to get angry, but for most of us the turnout wasn’t any better when we were that age.



Believe me, Sunderland is racist as fuck.