Donald Sterling's girlfriend has an awesome faceshield




Sitting outside of her house for hours and the best these dudes can come up with is "Is that really his voice?" and "Are you really boyfriend and girlfriend?" Loooool


[Insert Daft Punk joke here.]


He should be wearing one.


"Don't look at my racist-loving person-of-color FACE!"


I'm surprised more celebs aren't wearing anti-paparazzi face shields, as well as deploying similarly framed decoys wearing face shields.


She has a name. It's Vanessa Stiviano.


True enough. But if you want to go with the details then she isn't Sterling's "girlfriend" she's his mistress, given that Sterling is still married to his wife of 50 years.,0,4883913.story

Rochelle Sterling alleges that her husband used community property to
buy Stiviano a 2012 Ferrari, two Bentleys and a 2013 Range Rover, worth
a total of more than $500,0000.

Sterling also allegedly gave
Stiviano $1.8 million to buy a duplex on West 4th Street near the
Beverly Center last December, according to the suit, which claims that
Sterling additionally provided her with $240,000 for upkeep and living


But the people we really have to get worked up about covering their faces in public is a few Muslim ladies on the bus.

Sigh. Makes me want to go soak my head.


She's clearly a maker, off to go weld something.


These faceshields are super popular/common in China. You can pick these up on Taobao for a couple of bucks. They are the ultimate in UV protection for maximum skin lightness.

My other favorite facial accessory are these Korean exhaust gas masks that look like mini-dresses for your face.


Face shields are incredibly popular with asian women in Cupertino, CA — to block sun, not cameras, though.


I care about this why? No seriously, not being snarky. I'm just getting back from work and i have no idea who this is. I could go trawl the interwebs for answers, but this seems like the kind of stuff E! lives for so.. no.


close - it is a TMZ thing


How can we possibly know who this is? I mean, they're wearing a mask!


elderly racist NBA owner, naacp lifetime achievement award, biracial mistress, selfies with Magic freaking Johnson, private racist conversation recorded and made public, face shield, sponsors dropping out, haunted mansion, banana, NBA playoffs player protest, and we are only a day or two into the whole thing.


I had no idea that Bentleys came with an optional passenger side arc welder.


me like shiny lady


good summary


This is a great accessory for the surveillance state tho.