Donald Trump campaign resumes in-person fundraisers in June. What COVID-19?

so it’s gonna be Biden v Pence, then, i guess…

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What kind of weeping post-mortem opossum hemorrhoid would pay $500,000 to go to a Turmp fundraiser? With a normal political candidate (from either party), you could at least reason that it’s buying you a voice in policy conversations. Turmp doesn’t have policy conversations – that would be like a flatworm doing calculus – and he’s far, far too corrupt to even register such a subtle form of bribery. These evil boobs would get further just complimenting his golf on TV news.

Just because the GOP’s “business” supporters are a sinister, world-devouring parasitic cabal doesn’t mean they aren’t also dumber than a sack of hammers. May they become homeless!


“Would you like to further contribute to the Destruction of America fund?”
“Is it tax deductible?”

*laughter. Riots continue outside.


I think he really believes he’s immune because he takes hydroxychloroquine. Plus, his solipsistic world view probably means deep down he doesn’t really believe this thing is real or would happen to him.


You have that backward. Those departments (the president’s cabinet) are under direct control of the president. They meet together with the President often. The AG acts independently.* They are appointed by the President, but are supposed to act on their own volition. They seldom meet with the President.

  • Sadly, except in cases of Nixon, Reagan, Bushes, Trumps, and whenever Bill Barr is involved.

Only a handful of Federal agencies are cabinet level. FEC and SEC, for example, are not. While all these agencies are mainly under Executive control, when their directors are career employees their actions are not generally interpreted as purely political. That is not the case for the AG, which has long been considered an enforcement cudgel wielded by the President.

The AG acts independently.*
Sadly, except in cases of Nixon, Reagan, Bushes, Trumps, and whenever Bill Barr is involved.

The AG has not acted independently of the POTUS in recent memory, and not just the Republicans. Bobby Kennedy was his brother’s attack dog. Janet Reno tried to stack the Whitewater investigation with a Clinton-friendly prosecutor (and was rebuffed by the courts).

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They are guaranteed a great burber; the best.

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Surely you mean hamberders with covfefe?


Good point on FEC and SEC. I wasn’t thinking of those types of orgs.

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He’s also trying to make the next G7 meeting into a campaign event where he can show off how world leaders are flocking to him in person in times of crisis.

Merkel is having none of that.


And now Trump is throwing a tantrum and saying"if the other kids don’t want to play with me I’ll invite my friend Russia, who they don’t like!"


Don’t forget Trump’s fit about the Republican Convention.

Demands for no masks, no social distancing, full attendance.




the people with the cash - who want to keep what they’ve got and an opportunity to get so much more by being a friend – will consider this a paltry investment. same as it ever was.

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