Donald Trump Jr. about to be indicted (Jan 2019)


as strongly suggested by Avenatti (rarely wrong, just a bit too cinematic about it)

brace yourself for the counter-crazy distraction the senior will most certainly start spouting

(and remember it’s not just Russia which is only what the press babbles about, it’s an EIGHT country conspiracy where they pre-sold access to other governments during the candidacy in 2016)


Don Jr. isn’t a “Biff”—Biff had personal ambition and initiative independent of his family connections. If anything Don Jr. is a “Fredo.”

Much as I hope this turns out to be true I’m not putting much stock in what Avenatti says these days. I’m starting to agree with Ken White’s assessment that he just isn’t a very good lawyer after all.


You mean he can handle things and is smart, not like everybody says he’s dumb?
I bet he wants to be respected.


SOON: “Wow, this is the first time Dad ever hugged me!”



So there’s that, I guess.


If D Jr was found tomorrow AM inside of the National Zoo with a gun shot to head and a bunch of guilty AF animals loitering around sporting vengeful smirks I would not be at all surprised.

Happy B’day Mthr Fkr.



We can only hope he will be.

If only because we’d then see Trump tweeting that he doesn’t really know his son and has only met him once.



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