Michael Avenatti says Donald Trump Jr. "will be indicted before his birthday"


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Probably too soon for the mini-me tag. :cry:



less talk, more action.


This is kind of like predicting that Otis Campbell will end up spending the night in the Mayberry hoosegow. Junior may not be a drunk, but his inherent stupidity means there’s a good chance he’d walk into federal prison if he was given the key.





Indicted ain’t convicted. Which leads me to ask: what would Muller gain with a toothless indictment? The threat of indictment is a much bigger stick.

For this reason, I’ll take Avenatti’s bet for a thousand. No indictment until January 2021.


If it’s what you say, I love it!


Avenatti woke up this morning and realized he hasn’t had any media attention in days.


You can write #winning all you want, but most of us see #CluelessDouche


Not sure if the odds suit you, but here you go: https://www.predictit.org/markets/detail/3979/Will-a-federal-charge-against-Donald-Trump,-Jr-be-confirmed-by-year-end-2018


Michael Avenatti is not your friend.


Nice to see the bookies like me, but at 4:1 I’m not buying!

Also, nice face, is that new?


Because Dear Leader has succeeded in doing that so many times thus far. And there’s no convievable way that his only avenues for “fixing” this could escalate it or backfire.


Dog Speed Avenatti, but take a long hot shower after ever visit to the swamp that is tRump, that smell is not charming.


if the dems fail to win the house and/or investigate Kava (both starting to sadly seem likely) I am really hoping Avenatti wasn’t just BSing and can/will sue a sitting supreme - the high school crimes may be out of reach but the college stuff is not, we can’t have a Bush operative on the court that defended torture and believes birth-control is “abortion inducing” (which btw even if was bizzaro-world true, that would be legal)




Well… we will see, but I think Aventatti is also prone to sensationalism.


FUN FACT: Hal Smith was the voice of Davey Hansen’s dad, and his dog Goliath, on the old “Davey and Goliath” animated puppet religious show.

I hope Don Jr. gets sentenced in a state court, so there’s no pardon possible. I also hope the little weasel flips on his father.