Michael Avenatti says Donald Trump Jr. "will be indicted before his birthday"


Avenatti has been “credited” with helping Kavanaugh’s nomination by vastly overpromising what his client’s affadavit would include, thereby diverting attention away from Dr. Ford’s heartbreaking testimony and toward his own incompetence. Some have even joked that Avenatti may as well have been secretly on the Republican payroll.


Wow, it never occurred to me that these demons actually have birthdays like regular people!


Pardons are entirely possible with state charges. They just have to come from the governor. The nut there is not that you can’t pardon crimes charged at the state level. But that Trump can’t. That would appear to why there are very specific state involved.

There is no statute of limitations on rape or attempted rape in Maryland.


Eh. We’ll see.


Let me see his birth certificate. It seems suspicious that his birthdate allowed a full year’s child tax credit while being born on the last day of that year.


There’s a case (Gamble vs. the United States) coming to the Supreme Court that could empower the President to pardon state crimes, as well. Good thing the court wasn’t just tilted wildly to the right with the addition of a conservative ideologue with zero moral compass who Trump has a ton of dirt on. Oh, wait.


Before his birthday.

I think he should be indicted ON his birthday. That would psych him out (ha, ha, thought we forgot about you… right?) while simultaneously ruining his birthday.


Beware of the grifter.


This is exactly the kind of grift I’d expect from DT.


Just coming to post that.

Avenetti has made my skin crawl for a while, now.


Adding a file is traditional.


That is above average shitty. Just sayin’


You’re in for a world of disappointment if you believe this grifting asshat.


This fuckin’ guy, who is it?


That’s a federal indictment right? And daddy can pardon if convicted and can even grant amnesty before conviction right?


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