Federal judge denies request by ex-Trump aide Manafort to dismiss charges in Mueller probe

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After 10 days in VA’s Northern Neck Regional Jail it seems that the prospect of spending 1000x that in a full-on prison doesn’t appeal to Vlad’s shill very much.

Normally I’d post a popcorn gif but for some reason all I can think of at the moment are pancakes and omelettes.


May I have the honor this time?


A criminal can simply ask for the charges to be dropped?

Talk about your snowflakes.


“Here, Paulie, Paulie…”



  1. congress is going to ignore anything mueller reports

  2. trump is never going to be impeached (and would destroy our country even if congress would, it won’t because his cult wants re-election)

  3. manafort is going to be pardoned even if he murdered someone - only state charges will “stick” and will be the only justice served

only 2020 can solve this

found myself reading wikipedia today about autocracies and oligarchies and desperately trying to find modern examples of democratic countries coming back from the brink (there aren’t any)

ps. do you ever find yourself comparing to the Bush years and how history is now making the Iraq War and all that administration’s crimes seem sane in contrast? I mean even MSNBC hired Nicolle Wallace as an anchor?! All is forgiven? Are you kidding me?


A pardon on the federal charges might backfire on Il Douche, but that won’t stop them from trying. I do agree on point 1 and point 2 because I don’t see much hope that the Dems will shift things in this year’s midterms. Unfortunately, that doesn’t bode well for…

That’s two years away and despite whispers here and there I don’t see the Dems floating any viable candidates for the Presidency. They have to get on the bloody ball with this already.

Yes, but considering how insane things were during the Cheney Regency (when Rove expressed disdain for the “reality based community”) I look at the current regime as just another stage in the GOP’s chronic and degenerative mental disease that’s been in place since at least 1968.


Fuckin’ A; we have to not only survive until that point, but we have to figure out better, more effective ways to fight.

Just voting isn’t enough.


part of me hopes they aren’t floating anyone because they know such a person would immediately face non-stop attacks until they somehow stick, like hillary and the damn emails

it has to be someone “young” (40-ish? no-one is excited by 60-70 year olds anymore) and with very little history like Obama

Obama 2.0, by no means a perfect candidate but the candidate we’ll need


That brings up the another part of the equation: the Dems have to stop trying to get the votes of the Know-Nothing 27%. I’m sorry to inform the DNC that they’re never going to vote for any candidate they put up; you know who might? Younger people who don’t usually vote but are looking for a party that offers something more than more rightward shifts.


FlapJacks, or FlipPauls?

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So much this. Oh my god it’s embarrassing to even watch.


A little sunshine sure is nice.



1964, but who’s counting?


Lousy yelp reviews.

He should seek transfer to the new CCA Trump Mar-a-lago.


True. The authors of the Constitution, to the extent they contemplated a Trump, thought such a person could never become president, and their response if such a thing happened is basically “only the electorate can fix it.” Of course, voting is the founders’ response to most difficult governmental problems.

He made that request? Maybe he thought the judge had been successfully greased.

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I’m reminded of Ben Franklin’s quote: “A Republic, if you can keep it”. This tells me he suggested the idea that if someone like Trump got elected, it would be the voters’ own fault-one side for running him, and the other side for not running someone who could beat him. And for not voting.

And, since the voters put him in, they can take him out. Hopefully, the lesson of 2018 for 2020 will be, Trump will lose, and if you support Trump, you will lose.

Did his lawyers remember to put sugar on top?

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Another motion to dismiss? Or is this another story that took two weeks to bubble up on za boing? At this point, a motion to dismiss is just adorbs!