Donald Trump wrote to-do lists on classified docs, according to former aide

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Sorry mob boss, an NDA can’t block a criminal investigation.


But she was specifically instructed not to share information about Trump’s crimes, so who is the REAL criminal here?


Who knew the old bastard was so environmentally friendly?
Do you think all three Rs were used to take care of those pesky classified docs?



Is you taking notes on your criminal f****** conspiracy literally ON classified documents?


The key quote “You don’t know anything about the boxes” is guaranteed to come up in the trial on witness tampering.

C’mon rats, have you looked at the state of this ship? Time’s a-wasting!


Erm…not very reassuring about the thoroughness of the agents’ field work. :grimacing:


Pretty commonplace, that stuff is going to get ground into powder as soon as you’re done with it anyway, so no big deal to take notes on it. I did it all the time, mostly to write down super long insane passwords that would only get used once.

Wait, WHAT? OK that is a whole different thing…

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That’s not how classified documents usually work in the White House. They go to the National Archives, not the paper shredder.

From the early days of the administration there were anecdotes about aides unsuccessfully explaining the concept of how official records work and painstakingly taping paperwork back together after Trump ripped it up by hand.


If it’s got classified markings on it, it probably won’t need to go the National Archivist, since those will most likely be copies of agency documents… The Presidential Records Act has a bunch of common sense exemptions to prevent the Archivist from having to live in a White House SCIF or deal with armored cars full of paper every day; it “…does not include any documentary materials that are (i) official records of an agency…” for example, so it seems like a great deal of what a President would see should go straight to the grinder.

(The Politico article you linked says he was tearing up letters to the President from members of Congress, though, which is absolutely National Archives material. I guess anything is possible when you are dealing with these levels of irresponsibility.)

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