Donald Trump's campaign takes away his right to tweet without supervision


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“It’s quiet. Too quiet.”


It just proves he’s got the self-control of a child, and it’s amazing they didn’t do this earlier, like at the start of his campaign.



Yes indeed, this would have been an excellent idea a couple of months years ago.

Except it’s now just a matter of time (days? hours?) before he quietly pulls out his cell phone and starts a new Twitter account. The only question is how long it will take before people realize that it’s him.


Well, at this point he only has to hold it together for a matter of hours. I wonder if his current schedule with multi-state visits was also set up to help keep him too busy to get himself in any more trouble that way… or if it was because of the stress of the busy schedule that they took away his Twitter account because they were pretty sure he couldn’t be counted on to not go totally apeshit. Really, there’s no way to interpret this that doesn’t say something completely horrifying about him as commander in chief.


Fight misogyny with…more misogyny?


Apparently he “never used a computer” so it’s possible his original account was made for him. He may not know how to make a new one.

Also it won’t be verified, so how will we tell it apart from all the parody accounts? :wink:


Isn’t his 10 yr old son Barron an expert in The Cyber? He can hack back into the Twitter account for the Trump. Unshackled free speech and all.


Instead of a blur, how’s about getting Rob to photoshop Trump’s hair over his mouth?



It looks like his staff took away Cuck Trump’s Twitter back on October 18. That’s the last time his account posted from his Android phone. Since then his account has been all from the Twitter Web Client or Twitter for iPhone.

The last Android tweet was 7:32 AM, October 18.


So, who takes control of his presidency when he proves he’s incompetent with that also? Seriously? If he needs 24/7 baby sitting, he’s qualified to be POTUS how?


Just a thought here. Is it possible he bought an iPhone for himself?


On that horrid tape with B. Bush, trump had some trouble figuring out how to open the bus door to get out of the thing. I have to imagine he’s lived so entirely in a bubble that even purchasing high-end consumer goods would be beyond his capacity. Bread, milk, cheese? It’s likely he’d starve.


Actually. This would fit that narrative. Apple products are notoriously more simplistic and easier for those with a child like mind to operate. :smiley:





Oh bummer… There goes 50% of the entertainment factor for this election.

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