Trump to take over official @POTUS Twitter account


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I’m gonna need more popcorn.


We’re gonna need a bigger bucket.


Already unfollowed. Soon to block.

Obvious joke, @flotus account will just be self-retweets.


There’s a good piece here:

It proposes that adding a sort of two-factor authentication to @POTUS tweets would probably help to reduce the likelihood of complete meltdown. It’s not going to happen, but it feels as though even just raising the option is a start.


We could all start tweeting “In Soviet Amerika” jokes @POTUS.

In Soviet Amerika, Putin elect you.


“Catastrophic Trump Tweets”

Dibs on the copyright.


Outgoing White House staff play a lot of pranks on the incoming staff, sometimes outright vandalism.

Any chance they could “forget” the password, or give him the wrong account?


The “Mature Donald Trump” Twitter account is pretty funny FWIW.

I’ll be unfollowing @POTUS tonight.


Or maybe Twitter is fucking with him.



Will @potus44 be a “live” account or just an archive?


“This account will be maintained by @USNatArchives and will serve as an archive of Obama Administration content.”


So… if I don’t do anything, my short-fingered-vulgarian free timeline will shortly be polluted by his verbal diarrhea?



At this point, any remaining living original Nazis are wondering just how America got so effed up as to elect Trump president, because even Hitler wasn’t as publicly crazy as Trump before being elected.


The level of Twitter usage in the USG is fairly surprising to me, and it feels odd. Twitter is a singular corporate communication network/system (despite the existence of a few similar platforms) in that it’s become a breaking news/fakenews source with tremendous reach, and especially so now that trump will continue his shit-flinging under the aegis of the @POTUS account. Just a weird, unaddressed public/private information goldmine that really makes things weird if the whole system goes down or is purchased by [random lunatic billionaire].


I read that staffers will handle the official account, and he will continue to use his personal one.



I thought that we measured such things in units of full baskets?