President Obama finally gets Twitter, has dorky first tweet

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In unrelated news, the two Obama kids closed their Twitter accounts, citing it was now “lame”.


OK so the weird thing is, what happens to @POTUS once he leaves office? Will he keep it or pass it on to the next president?

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Well if it like the Clinton office, they probably won’t give them the password, and fake-impersonate the new president, probably involving copious amount of coke and hookers.

i read that it will pass on to the next POTUS, and he’ll keep using his @BarackObama account if he wishes.

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What? When I looked at who he was following it included the president of Kenya, Billy Cosby, and Amy Shumer.

that’s a whole lot of meh.

There already is that @barackobama account, although it’s run by his old campaign team, and he (very) rarely tweets from it.

With this face, no doubt…


None of us actually believe that he or the First Lady have anything to do with those accounts right? Or that the ones they “sign” were ever even seen by them?

Obama should guard the password carefully, and maybe “forget” it in January. Then wait a few years, until everybody has forgotten the account ever existed. Then he can start having fun with it!

Hello Twitter? Have you seen Bill? He was supposed to be home hours ago. LMK! – President Clinton 45 (@POTUS) March 8, 2019

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Seems like you and Bill Clinton think alike:

Is it wrong that I’m amused by that response?

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