Don't toss your eclipse glasses, donate them

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For a site called “timeanddate”, they kind of suck at date math. 12 AM - 12 PM is apparently 10 hours.

What are you talking about?

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I used them for the Eclipse data. They had a countdown on the page to when it started, and it was off by two hours.

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Nine years, twenty years, it’s still better than the 111 years Britain has to wait

Totality between Durdar and Dundee, it must be a sign from God. /s


Well, the sun never sets eclipses on the British Empire


I didn’t realize those things supposedly wore out that fast. I guess I got lucky - I reused my eclipse glasses from 2017 & they were fine, likewise the filter I made to fit over my DSLR lens.

As for 2033, looks like the only place in the path of totality in NA reachable by car is the area near Deadhorse out at the far end of the Dalton Highway. That should be fun.

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