Don't wear your Apple Vision goggles while driving your Tesla


Plagiarizing myself from elsethread:

"Is this a bird?" meme reading: "Is this the singularity?"


Only wear official “Elon VR Blindfold “ while driving your Tesla

This fool probably thinks he’s some kind of cyberpunk badass like Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, taking direct control of a vehicle via cybernetic interface.

Meanwhile I’m thinking of Mr. Bean driving from the roof of his car.


Jesus wept. :weary:

Never has this gif been more appropriate…


It’s like a perfect confluence of douchebaggery…
Tesla murder machine: Check
Pricey Apple ski goggles: Check
Driving the former while using the latter: Check


I’m surprised that once he bought those goggles, he ever left home.

Yeah, we see you Apple. We see you. Or to be more precise, they see us. And by the time you put your clothes on it’s too late, they’ve seen everything.

you really need to hear the anger and disgust in her voice;

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OK so we have limited peripheral vision, display lag, potential 3d perception issues (The cameras are not directly over your eyes).

That must be as dangerous as a DUI and should be punishable to the same degree IMHO.

Needs puke emoji