Don't worry, vaccines don't microchip – the government already has all they need to spy on you!

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(and most of those (from 2006) are good 'ol flip phones. now they send the black helicopters your heart rate too)


You always have a choice.


Didn’t watch the video, so not sure if this is covered, but it’s hilarious they complain to each other about the vaccines containing microchips to track you … on Facebook. :neutral_face:


I saw some guy on Reddit trying to convince Oculus users that in addition to everything else Facebook was gathering from them, they were also scanning your eyes, seeing your living quarters through the tracking cameras, and scanning your fingerprints through the controllers.


Pfft. That one time my toaster ratted me out to the feds.


I COULDN’T watch the video “Blocked in your country”

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If anyone had the ability to do half of the magic attributed to the fantasy nanochips, they wouldn’t bother with putting them in your body. To name three:

  • Transmit 5G wavelength (~ cm) signals from objects too small to be visible (~μ) transmitters
  • Power that transmitter: One mw per cubic micron = 1000 TW/cubic meter
  • Make sophisticated digital logic on a single micron sized device. Current state of the art can get a few billion transistors on a square cm. Ignoring the chip overhead (it can’t all be logic – some of that has to be the power source and antenna) a square micron might have ten or (let’s be generous) 1000 transistors. In other words, less computational power than an 8080.

This isn’t a technological breakthrough, it’s several Nobel Prizes stacked on top of outright magic. Art Clarke would spin in his grave.

They do collect telemetry information from Quest headsets about play space dimensions and obstacle placement extending outside of the play area, so they are collecting some data scanned from your room. That is probably the seed that started that.

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So ARE my phone’s camera and microphone always on, and usable by er, someone? Even if the phone is powered off?

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Do you have a Freedom Phone? Then probably yes.

Otherwise, if you have an iPhone you can probably be reasonably sure that the answer is no, though you may have given an app permission to use them when you are not using the app, in which case yes, but at least you have some ability to look at settings and permissions and turn some of that off, though that might make the app stop working in the way that you expect it to and it might start to serially harass you to turn it back on even if you are fine having it off.

If you are on Android the situation is not much different though you will have a harder time figuring out what has which permissions and the UI for controlling all of that it more terrible and none of the built in-required-for-your-phone-to-work Samsung (because, come on, you are using a Samsung phone) or Goggle software will let you change those settings because they are REQUIRED.

If you turn the phone off though? Probably cool. Except maybe with a Freedom Phone :wink:


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