Q: Do two-way nanoparticle chips exist in the COVID vaccine to robotically spy on you? A: No, you fool, they do not

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Why are people who have cell phones that check in every 30 seconds with your cell phone company (so that the carrier knows where to send their incoming phone calls) think the government needs some sort of tracker injection to keep track of them?

I guess it’s silly of me to expect your rational thinking to be irrational…


I guess the humorous part is he posts that on facebook, a site that has commissioned studies and can tell which direction you lean politically (as well as numerous other factors) based on simply how you scroll through the website and use your mouse.


Oh, I wish we that far along with nanotechnology! No, I’m not saying that there wouldn’t be problems, I mean humans are involved, so of course there’s going to be problems. I do think the technology has massive potential, but also massive obstacles.

On reflection, if the tech really was this far advanced, why would “They” have to use the cover of a vaccine to inject you? Also, why you?


…The stupid is just… Ack.

LOOK, idiot fucknuts, if someone can make general purpose nanocomputers (and/or nanomachines), THEY DON’T NEED TO SPY INSIDE YOU. You just plain aren’t that interesting, and it would be trivial to make 'em so pervasive, they’re literally everywhere anyway.

Hell, with that kind of capability, they’ve won, and you’d probably better shut the hell up.


And if they made an injectable cell phone that connected directly to your brain, people would line up to get it.


Technology developed for these new vaccines looks incredibly versatile, like they can almost just re-code it in the future for the next virus.

But its not tracking you. Nothing nearly so mundane.


Is there an analog for Facebook’s effect on the current empire for the Roman Empire? Lead in the water? Earlier commenters have mentioned the irony of someone warning of the effects of viral mind control on Facebook but…yeah. How did we get here? Silly Valley and the VC culture’s need to own markets/audiences? Is this the apotheosis of Hofstader described in his “Paranoid Style” essay?


First, they put nanotechnology in my khakis, and I said nothing…


Although I do not agree with people who do not personally want to be vaccinated, I can at least understand why a person might feel that way. What I cannot understand is why people go out of their way to try to convince other people not to get vaccinated. I mean, I know that there are people who feel very strongly about veganism, but do vegans actually say things like, “Meat is part of a massive government conspiracy to enslave humanity. Meat contains mind control hormones meant for the humans, not the cows!”


I dunno. But bacon has a hold on me that some might describe as unnatural.


Also their cellphones have between 6 and 15 high-def microphones that in a lot of cases are always on, the GPS you mentioned, a Bluetooth chip that exchanges IDs with basically every other Bluetooth chip you get within 15-30 feet of (there’s a ton of Bluetooth sniffers in the environment BTW. Ever gone into a business, your phone has been noted and its location tracked down to which shelves your eyes focus on). The WIFI and general cell radio chip in the phone also is constantly being tracked by business’ hotspots along with things like the police’s (and whoever else has the money to fork out) garbage boxes and private microcells. There’s also the fact that if you own a car less than about 15 years old, it also has a cell radio and a fairly high precision GPS in it and can be easily tracked by lots of commercial devices. In fact pretty much all new cars can be remotely hacked and piloted with consumer-grade equipment if someone has the time and inclination.

This isn’t paranoia, it’s all well-documented. Hell most of this info is just me remembering from Defcon Las Vegas videos I watched years ago. I’m sure it’s much worse than it was in 2016 when I was into infosec and that kind of thing.

There is so much ambient surveillance in the world now that it’s essentially pointless to try and avoid it, and attempting to reduce how much you encounter just tightens scrutiny on you.


Seems like a lot of extra trouble to go through when TPTB are already using our cell phones and computers to spy on us.

The shit some people believe…


Stupidity is infectious and difficult to inoculate against because it can freely mutate, while the truth can only refine itself incrementally.


Cell phone circuitry is down to the 7 nm scale now, so technically nanotech.

Heck, the nanoparticles I use are 35-120 nm in size.

Although the “they’re going to give you the mark of the beast/ tattoo” fantasy at least has some merit!
The technology there is that you can make a patch with dissoluble micro needles. Instead of nicotine, you’d put in a vaccine. (of course it has to be stable in that matrix), and you can co-deliver nanopartciles which would absorb in the IR. The dosing of nanoparticles is patterned like a QR code to give batch number, date, etc.



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Man, that Mork joke is going to be lost on most people.




Is like people against 5G but eager to get the latest Apple iPhone. Or environmentalists against a new electric railway tunnel near a motorway tunnel.

Or that are against Bill Gates but non for Microsoft abusive monopolistic practices or Windows 10 telemetry…


Because having a “non-mainstream” view makes some people feel special. Sadly, truth doesn’t factor in to their assessment of information as much as “does it make me feel important?”

This is an epistemological crisis whose origin predates Trump, as much as he is an extremely acute symptom. Karl Rove’s “reality-based community” comments set the scene, but even that was against the background radiation of homeopathy, anti-vax, “alt-medicine*” etc which has been with us since forever. QAnon is just the pustule of “truthiness”as a substitute for truth sitting atop decades of accepting any bullshit that feels right.

This is a fight about “what is knowledge”. That’s why it’s so important. Because if we lose that fight, welcome to a new dark ages. But with nuclear weapons.

*ie, an alternative to medicine.