Doom, remade with ultraviolent claymation kitties

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I assume the real game comes with unlimited magical ammo? Not too knowledgeable about FPS, sorry.


more or less. scattered magically about the place but you can run out.

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No, magically scattered scratch posts and litter boxes.


No, but like most FPSes, you can accumulate a really massive store of ammo (and guns), magically kept somewhere about one’s person. Just once I’d like to see a game where they actually show the character with the incredible mass of enormous weapons and ammo boxes strapped to their back.


Some more recent games do this (largely third person) for weapons (e.g. Sniper Elite 3, Mass Effect off the top of my head), but they don’t show any ammo pouches beyond a couple of small, cosmetic containers (although Mass Effect arguably gets a pass here due to the weapons running on a mysterious effectively infinite energy source).

Interestingly, a lot of the original Doom was clay models. Magazine snippet showing a couple of them off:

I don’t have a picture for this too, but all the weapons were pretty much just raided from toy stores. Maybe John Romero has stuff about it on his site or something?


Well, I mean a classic FPS where the character is running around with six+ weapons simultaneously - in the case of Doom, a chainsaw, pistol, two shotguns, minigun, rocket launcher, plasma rifle and “big fucking gun.” Plus thousands of rounds of ammo. Obviously this would only be suitable for a comedy FPS…

Yeah: Artwork of Doom - The Doom Wiki at


On that note, they only had infinite ammo on the first of the series. In the second one, keeping your gun from overheating becomes the equivalent to carrying ammo. Which is a good compromise between “fun game with sufficient ammo” and “omg where the hell are you putting all this stuff.”

I enjoyed the video despite not being an FPS fan by any stretch … so I tried watching some of their other stuff. And wow. I am not a fan. Horrific violence and very dark work. :crying_cat_face:

Unlimited tuna flavored treats.


Like this? (not a game of course, but still entertaining)

Fuck yeah. This has tickled a vast network of neurons suddenly crying out for a big ole blast from the past…

DOOM was the shit.

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Same guy who did the video to Sufjan Stevens’ Mr. Frosty Man

Claymation is the best medium for gore!



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