Door Game - Badass Space Dragon

Ship: Quisquiliae sStruem
Attribute: Lucky
Captain: CaptainPedge (obviously…)
Captain type: Space Lizard
Bribe: $500

Will the game run in THIS thread, or will there be like a daily thread?

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Proud Heritage — but in keep mind the genetic weakness of this storied bloodline:

  1. Door hinges notoriously prone to fail in the most embarrassing ways
  2. Under sized brakes that wear down fast. (OF COURSE all the design effort went into the engine)
  3. Rust.

Will the game run in THIS thread?

Each weekday I’ll post the results and mission information into a new thread.

 1. Ship: 		Ironclad Cochrane
 2. Attribute: 		Powerful 
 3. Captain:		Paul Seldon
 4. Type: 		Human
 5. Bribe: 		$164.71

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Ship: Cepheus Maiden
Attribute: Sneaky
Captain:Thrummel Carfax
Type: Android
Bribe: $50

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I made a Rules & Gameplay post. I don’t consider it required reading but it might give you an idea of what’s to come.

I’ll be locking this thread and closing registrations at about 8pm (PST). Last chance to register your vessel.

Good luck!

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  1. Ship Name: Pillar of Autumn
  2. Chosen Attribute to describe Ship: Sneaky
  3. Hunk of junk’s Captain’s name: Saurodroid
  4. The Captain is: Android, as produced by the ‘space lizards’
  5. You are offered $50 of your Starbucks as a bribe.

Thank you.

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LOCKED - Registration is closed. I’ll have the starting stats and first set of missions posted later.

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Thanks a lot mate! Just read the rules, it seems that this is going to be super cool :slight_smile:

That’s the hope! :smile:

Doh - I saw this a few hours too late. Guess I need to check the BBS home page more often.

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Drop your info quick and I can still add you to the fleet.

  1. Grey Mouser

  2. Sneaky

  3. Lord Fritz

  4. Android

  5. 44


Ok, got it. Last ship into port. Sneaky is right.

  1. The Unicorn

  2. Bad timing

  3. Æthelred the Unready


  1. 500, more if it actually gets me in.

Sorry snig! Missed the shuttle :frowning:

Next time!

Day 1 is on the board - Badass Space Dragon - 9/23 - Hot Commodities

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No worries, have fun with it. I’ll try to pay better attention next go around.

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Can you spell out what the attributes are for the ships? I figured a few of them out, but I am not sure on the rest.

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