Downton Abbey costume




Three cheers for literal-mindedness!


I once dressed up in a vaguely 19th-century costume and when people asked I said I was going as Frankenstein – not the monster, but Frankenstein himself.


Plan of highclere castle. As you can see, the house was designed to be appreciated from a certain angle. The largest tower, or what seems to be the castle’s keep (cockerham’s head), housed the stairways, and was very much a part of the house proper.


He’s a sure thing for Most Unwieldy Costume


Waiting for the sexy version.


I admire the work and originality, but I can’t imagine he’s going to be or have fun at an indoor party.


Pretty much every year.


I hope he goes door-to-door and tells each house that gives him candy that his costume was “made possible by viewers like them.”



Just add fishnets and a boob window.


There’s probably enough room in the wings to load up on goodies and take the party outside…


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