Sexy Hallowe'en Costume: the Costume


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I don’t see any eye-holes…unless they’re on the potato ? Is that another level of meta ?


You’re missing the best bit:


Marilyn Monroe walks over a subway grate and she has to hold her dress down. Anyone wearing this would be found later in the ocean!


sheer. Fucking. Genius.

I dunno, they look more like fishnet stockings to me.


sexy sexy


I guess I don’t understand that either.



I guess the common theme is that basing any outfit around underwear or swimsuit automatically = “sexy”. Because I know that most of the time I spend wearing underwear, swimsuits, or Halloween costumes is somehow sexytime. Some people apparently have more horny than imagination. JK rocks.


Looks painful.


this is simply the best implementation of that I have ever seen.


From four years ago:


I was “sexy engineer” last year. Worked well. The robotics team barely noticed that I was just a guy in a dress.

Picture on request.



Consider this a request!



I love it! thanks!



This is also a request


He’s sure got the legs to pull this off, got to say.


An upvote; just because.


I think I saw not one, but two separate Sexy Freddy Kruegers last year in Salem MA.