Why haunted houses have suits of armor


They use suits of armour because they can come alive and chop you!


…Which is essentially the explanation given in the post :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone needs to go to the site and see the stupid beak-face suit of armour… it’s worth it.


Now I want an Albrecht armor lamp…

What an excellent answer to a very good question.

Or worse: They could contain an actual knight who’s out to smite you uppity peasants.

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Aren’t suits of armor associated with chateauesque house styles?If I was going to build something that looked like a looked like a Victorian version of a medieval castle-- stone, arched doorways, large fireplaces, banqueting halls and so on, suits of armor would fit the mold.
(And yes, I’ve seen the Time Team special on Dover Castle, so I’m aware that that Chateauesque architecture is scarcely more authentic than the stark white marble versions of Roman and Greek polychrome statuary) It looks cool, if anachronistically so.

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See also: Doctor Doom, Darth Vader.

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That’s how I feel. I always figured they were set pieces in haunted mansions because they historically would have been decorations in old mansions. I didn’t think any further explanation was necessary. Still, The particular suit of armor that the post went over is pretty awesome. That’s a wicked cool-looking helmet.

Also, armor was really expensive. Would they actually have had rooms full of the stuff? And if so, would it really be used for decoration?

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Yes and yes.
The modern version could be a garage of Ferraris or something like it.
Wealth means power and vice versa and those who have it always show it off.
Societies who officially look down on showing off your wealth (in a flashy way) will just devise more subtle ways.

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