Plate armor hoodie


Almost a perfect execution. The screen printing, however, gives it too much of a cheese factor.


It seems suspiciously similar to this hoodie


I had exactly the same thought. Except of course that the ThinkGeek version is 1/3 of the price and probably of lower quality.

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Agreed - it shows how fine a line there is between geek chic (as per @Drew_G’s link) and just plain geek.

I like.

Does it come in white?

Do want!

Mom, Dad,I want you to meet Jason…

Could be modded to include actual ceramic or kevlar armor plates, for double the fun.

(Thought… how well would layered bullet-resistant glass work? This is freely available on the market, while trauma plates are restricted-availability item in some areas.)

How is the Daily Mail going to react to the existence of the ultimate knife-crime hoodie?

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Which itself appears to be a copy of this guy’s one. Two years ago, I might have bought one, but it went viral and the etsy store disappeared for ages.

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I suspect that you’d need a pretty significant rebuild to go from ‘hoodie’ to ‘hooded LBV’(and my nose and jaw are crying at the prospect of a trauma plate supported only by my face…); but seems otherwise practical.

Were you thinking of going for ballistic protection, or (in keeping with the aesthetic) melee weapons and the occasional arrow? Ballistic would likely pose regulatory issues in some markets; but, given that classic plate armor is pretty close to RHA minus a few centuries of very, very, productive work in metallurgy, you could probably achieve parity in protection with modern materials without too much paperwork…

Fuck the paperwork. Just design it in a way that is functional as a “side effect of the appearance”. “Honestly, sir, it was not an intention for it to be able to stop a bullet, it just happened…”

I admit I get mad like a cut snake if somebody wants to deny me something totally passive, without any capability to negatively influence anybody other. I can understand others not wanting me to have means to kill them, but totally oppose being denied passive defenses.

There are actually already (almost?) on the market ballistic suits for businessmen. Looking just like a rather normal suit.

And yes, the rebuild would be necessary. The face part would likely have to be just a splinter shield with reduced ballistic performance, to keep the weight down…

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How does one properly accompany such a jacket?
Do they offer armor plate sweatpants with appropriate codpiece?

I suppose during the summer months one could go with the Sting Speedo…

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