Doxie Go Wi-Fi Scanner

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I’m curious what the use case is for most people of having the thing battery powered?

I would much rather drop the battery and add on double-sided scanning and a sheet feeder.

For document scanning, what I’d like to be able to do is:

  • Select my profile using my thumbprint.
  • Put all sheets of the document into the sheet feeder and press ‘Go’.

The scanner would scan both sides of all the sheets of the document, and would use some kind of OCR or something to determine the author or title of the document, and title the resulting .pdf appropriately and use that to intelligently file it into the appropriate place on my Google Drive (or other cloud document storage service). On completion, it would send me an email with a link to the document, so I could then make any changes to title or classification that I needed.

It’d need to be Wifi so that I didn’t have to have a computer plugged in, and I’d want it to be mains powered.

Nota bene: I purchased one of these a few years back, and I’ve never been able to scan more than 30-40 pages on a charge. Perhaps mine is defective or they’ve improved the battery life in the intervening years, but I would be very skeptical regarding the advertised 300 pages per charge.


Wow an actual good deal for once.

Portability. This is the kind of device you toss in your luggage when you’re out of town for a couple days or when you’re visiting grandma to get a copy of her pierogi recipe.

you know Doxie is slang for a hooker right ?

I have decent results with ad-hoc digitizing of documents with a digital camera. Doesn’t require to be single-sheet so can be a book, the device is small enough for a pocket and lasts decent time, with a simple mod it can be powered from a power bank (you can integrate a USB charger to mostly any Li-poly/Li-ion powered device, two wires and a mechanical casemod), and the image acquisition speed is very fast. Sometimes it skews the document perspective or lights it in an uneven way, but that can be usually forgiven. (Todo: look for, or perhaps (unlikely but…) write, something to morph distorted page to ideal size and straight lines.)

Would Doxxie be the one who after the act publishes your address?

You don’t need Urban Dictionary for that. You can find it in just about any dictionary, under the preferred spelling of “Doxy”. I first heard it on an old recording of a Gunsmoke episode (the original, and better, radio show), and there wasn’t much doubt about how it was being used.

You should definitely see better battery life than that. Please reach out at and we’ll get this fixed for you.

  • Sarah @ Doxie Customer Care
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To be honest I’d just use my phone to do that. It’s smaller than the Doxie, and just like the Doxie, doesn’t support duplex or a sheet feeder.

I imagine this is mostly geared to the “portable professional” especially lawyers, real estate agents, etc who are often out of the office and need to be able to get digital copies of important documents. But I think it probably also appeals to people who don’t have a lot of space but also want high quality scanning. Personally I use my phone for scanning when I need to do it on the go, but the quality isn’t great. I have a scanner at home that is part of my printer, but it’s a pretty big all-in-one.

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So I can sit at my loungeroom table and scan my personal records while watching something on the TV in my very small house that doesn’t have room for a large scanner with a sheet feeder.

I bought the non-wireless version of the Doxie a couple of years ago and paired it with an Eye Fi card. Works a treat.

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