Dozens of German priests plan to give the Vatican the virtual middle finger

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Those are some badass priests. If there is a god, I’m sure that he or she would be pleased.


Then there’s the logical solution… stop being Catholic.


As opposed to the American Catholic bishops who plan to give the Vatican (and many others) the middle finger by denying communion to President Biden and others who favor abortion rights:


Happy that someone with power inside the Catholic church is trying to make a difference: check.

Doubt this will actually change Catholic policy/church-internal societal aggression to towards the LGBTQ+ community in the long run: check


hmm German priests buck papal roman edicts… sounds vaguely familiar somehow. Perhaps they could post ninety five or so objections against the current dogma on a Wittenberg twitter feed (y’know first in Latin then in German) i think it’s overdue… again.


Vatican the virtual middle finger

Nice, just like the Vatican gives the middle finger to the folks that suffered [enter a long list of offenses here] under their oversight. As usership declines in the religious circles globally, this is a prime opportunity to thin the heard as it were.


Love it, change it or leave it - they won’t change it.

Because the catholic church is exactly the same institution that was formed about 1700 years ago, after all.


It’s just as well to remember that, according to the Bible, Jesus never said anything in favour of or against homosexuality. Also that this was the guy who used to go gallivanting all over the place with 12 other guys.


Just don’t love your actual brother. That’s still off limits.


This is wrong. St. Mary’s in Berlin is a Lutheran church, so this acceptance is not new. The banner is at the actually Roman Catholic St. Mary’s in Ahlen, according to the linked source: Gottesdienste – #liebegewinnt
It is a little odd to have a Lutheran St. Mary’s but the Reformation was a whole thing.


If they no longer believe in the infallibility of the Pope, are they really still Catholic?


Why can’t god just show up and settle the issue? Is he busy or something?



It isn’t that they are a human organization deciding what is right and wrong. What organization isn’t? It is they say they ALREADY know right from wrong, that god told them millennia ago, and they’ve had god’s mouthpiece on earth for over almost two thousand years.

For me it is like cheering for the NRA to change from within. Changing for the good basically negates their existence. Their spiritual authority is their core identity, and saying “oops, we were wrong for 2000 years” basically makes that authority a lie. If they have to admit they aren’t the mouthpiece of god, and they don’t have real spiritual authority concerning peoples’ souls, what then?

To me, it seems like they suddenly become just another Protestant church, albeit with a lot of very spiritually confused members, and a hierarchy that becomes instantly bloated with unnecessary wealth and clerical redundancy.

To be fair, the Catholic church did manage to correct its doctrine and acknowledge that Galileo had been right and that the Earth does go around the Sun after all. It took them only 359 years to figure this out; Galileo was eventually rehabilitated in 1992.


If the issue really mattered to God, he could have had Jesus address the topic during the Sermon on the Mount or something. That could have been a great opportunity to clear the air, but OTOH it’s obvious that communication is not one of this God’s strong suits.

The fact that the Bible – a very voluminous book – has very little to say about homosexuality in the first place should tell us something already. IIRC, even the Old Testament only says that male homosexuality is an abomination, so according to God, lesbianism seems to be perfectly OK.


Well, actually, ( :roll_eyes: :grin: ) there’s several Judaic and Christian scholars who believe that the word usually translated to mean “homosexuality” actually refers to pederasty (child sexual abuse.)

Here’s one article that discusses it (mainly because it’s the first one I found with good details):

…so far too many people have suffered, for far too many years, because someone got a word wrong. (Though there is some debate as to whether or not it was an accident, or deliberately done to affirm biases.)


Because this wasn’t decided by the Pope, but by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and was formerly known as Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition

By the way this is the explanation on the decision.

Besides, the elephant in the church I think are divorced couples that want to marry again.